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3 Reasons to Choose A Professional Pool Closing

When it comes to closing your pool, it can be a daunting and messy process. You’ve got to do it right, and you can’t miss a step, even though you’d rather be relaxing inside watching Sunday afternoon football and enjoying pumpkin spice everything. Fortunately, you can hire a professional, who, with the right equipment and expertise, will do the job right for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. If you’re still not sold, here are four reasons why you’ll benefit from outsourcing your pool closing:

It’s Extremely Time Consuming

Your life is already demanding as is. Between work, meetings, late-night client emails, taking the kids to school, karate, hockey practice, and gymnastics all in one night – the last thing you need is to come home and have to invest hours into closing down the pool. It’s not fun, it’s not quick, and it requires a long list of tasks to complete, the last is as important as the first! You’ve got to remove the seized up ladder and diving board so they don’t rust or deteriorate. You have to winterize and protect the mechanical systems or you’ll have a hefty repair bill come spring. You have to blow out plumbing lines and add anti-freeze. You’ll have to remove eyeballs, pressure gauges, and site glass. Did we mention much of this is done in icy cold water? It’s hard work, it takes time, and it’s a messy job.

Correctly Winterizing Your Pool

Algae and residue aside, there are serious concerns with the winterizing process that can really cause damage to your pool if they are not properly managed during closing. The lines and equipment need to be fully drained to ensure they don’t freeze, expand, and crack during the winter. Having an expert ensures you won’t have to deal with any burst lines.

To further illustrate the importance of winterizing your pool correctly, proper equipment needs to be purchased, such as a blower, a cover tool, a pump to remove the water, and more. These tools can be quite expensive, and quite frankly, the average pool owner wouldn’t know where to go to purchase them or how to use them properly. Fortunately, with an expert, this isn’t an issue. They’ll come to you with all of the tools and expertise necessary to properly close your pool.


Attempting to close your pool yourself can not only present risks for your pool, but to your own safety as well. The equipment that is necessary to close your pool, as well as the pool cover, are both very heavy and lifting them alone could lead to a pulled muscle or back pain. When you hire the services of a professional, a team of professionals will come who are well equipped to handle the physically demanding steps involved in the pool closing process.

Make Opening Easier Than Ever

If you rush to close your pool or skip steps along the way, you’ll be left with a more complicated and time-consuming opening come spring. When the good weather hits, when April and May roll around, you want to dive right in as soon as possible, not deal with massive algae growth or a broken diving board or a cracked filter because you didn’t winterize correctly. Your springtime self will thank you for having the pool professionally closed!

Owning a pool is all about embracing luxury, fun, and relaxation. Don’t allow the closing process to ruin that for you. If you’ve invested time and money into a backyard oasis, spare yourself the aggravation and hassle by spending a little extra to ensure the closing process is done correctly. When you place this process in the hands of a professional you don’t have to carve out the extra time and effort that is necessary, and you can feel confident that come spring it will be prepped and ready for opening without any costly surprises.

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