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4 Fun Pool Games to Try This Summer

Who doesn’t love lounging poolside and cannonballing into a backyard pool on a hot summer day? But even paradise can quickly get a little dull without a few games thrown into the mix. Aside from the classic Marco Polo, there are a ton of other entertaining games for your kids – or even you and your friends – to help make the most out of your pool this summer. Here are four awesome pool-friendly games to try out that will liven up your pool time, guaranteed.

Pirates of the Pool

Who doesn’t love pretending they’re a pirate? Grab an odd number of objects – these could be diving sticks, mini treasures, coins, you name it – and scatter them throughout the pool floor. If you really want to make it a bit more challenging, get some eye patches at your local costume store to make it a true pirate hunt. Whoever can retrieve the most treasure, wins! Yarrr!

Chicken Fight

This classic pool game is geared to the older pool crowd as it also require a bit of strength. Grab a partner to team up with, and depending on who has the stronger set of shoulders, hop on and battle against your opponents to see who can knock each other off the other shoulders and into the water first. Strength building and fun, all in one, but be smart and keep well away from the deck!


Like the epic game played on land, it’s even more fun in the water. Someone gets to start out as the octopus. It’s very similar to Red Rover – everyone tries to make it from one side of the pool to the other without getting caught by the octopus. If you do get tagged, you get to join the octopus by holding hands and try to catch more for your team.

Dolphin Races

Sometimes, it’s the simple games that are the most fun. For this game, you get to pretend you are a dolphin or mermaid – whatever gets the best response – and have a competition to see who can hold their breath and swim the furthest underwater in the pool. Simple, but the kids will love it!

So whether it’s for you and kids, or for your friends and neighbours, the next time things are looking a little quiet around the pool, use this awesome list of pool-friendly games to liven up the atmosphere and get the whole crowd having fun. You can always make the most out of your pool with a few great games on hand.
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