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Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean This Summer

As the warmer weather arrives, it means it’s time to gear up for some relaxing summer evenings and plenty of spa time in the hot tub. With the onset of that hot and humid weather, it is important to maintain your hot tub regularly and keep it clean to avoid a smelly, icky tub. If the summer time is your spa time, then make sure to get it ready and keep it clean with these simple steps.

Drain, Refill, and Balance Water

It’s always wise to drain and refill the water before and after each season of use. If you do intend on taking full advantage of your hot tub during those glorious summer evenings (who wouldn’t!) then drain and refill the water this spring. Before you drain the water, run a cycle with a spa purge or line flush to clean out the plumbing lines. Run the hot tubs through a few pump cycles, then drain.

With the spa drained, now is the time to clean the spa interior.  Remove all pillows and cushions and clean behind them, and check for any signs of wear or damage. Once the hot tub has been refilled, add the necessary chemicals to balance the pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and shock the water as well to ensure no bacteria is lingering in the tub.

Check Chemicals Levels Each Week

Every month, we suggest you bring a sample to Purewater for a free, comprehensive water test.  For a personalized, professional recommendation on water chemistry, bring a sample of your spa water in a clean one-liter bottle.   We’ll test the sample in our water lab and give an expert recommendation for perfect, clear water. It is important to re-check each of the levels to ensure they are balanced. While major balancers such as alkalinity and hardness take a while to gradually change, factors such as pH and free chlorine change far more rapidly.  They need to be tested at least a couple times a week, ideally before you use the spa.

Cover the Hot Tub After Each Use

When you are not using the spa, it’s important to slip on the cover. This not only keeps debris out and sun off of the tub, but it’s also an important safety precaution. Make sure that the cover you’re using is tight fitted and securely fastened.

Run the Filter Daily

Daily circulation of the water is necessary to keep the filtration system working efficiently. You can program your circulation pump to run at different times throughout the day, cranking it up for an hour before you use it. Just make sure that the filter pump runs each day to keep that water moving.

Let it Breathe

Your hot tub needs to periodically exchange the air trapped under the cover with fresh outside air. It is particularly important that this happen right after to add shock to the spa. If you go a while between uses, be sure to crack open the cover for 15 to 20 minutes at least once a week.

Your hot tub isn’t just for the cooler months – you can adjust the temperature and take full advantage of those relaxing jets all throughout the summer. To get your hot tub prepped and ready, give us a call at Purewater Total Home Leisure. We can take care of everything and help make sure that your hot tub is ready for you to hop on in.

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