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5 Benefits of Converting to a Saltwater Pool

If you have a home pool but you’re tired of the upkeep and maintenance costs, maybe you’ve thought about converting to a saltwater pool. If so, here are some of the convincing advantages:

Less Maintenance

Compared with a chlorine-based system, saltwater pools require a lot less time and effort to maintain. This means you can spend more time relaxing, playing, or getting a workout in your pool, not preoccupying yourself with the next dose of chlorine chemical tablets. Anything that saves time and labour is a good investment in the long run.

Less Cost

It costs money to convert your chlorine-based pool into a saltwater pool, but the investment pays off within the first couple years when you factor in the lower cost of maintaining a saltwater pool. Saltwater pools cost less for a full season of use than traditional pools cost for a single month.

Natural Source of Chlorine

Saltwater pools use a safe amount of electrical current to convert salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine (sodium hypochlorite). This means that your pool still has the chlorine it needs, but without the use of harsher chemical products. This natural creation of chlorine allows you to have a clean and sanitized pool with less effort and less expenditure.

Easier on Body

Do your eyes sting after jumping into a traditionally chlorinated pool? Do you hate the way your hair and skin feel after taking a dip in traditional home pools? Saltwater pools are much gentler on the eyes, skin, and hair than pools chlorinated with chemical tablets. The mild salt solution of a saltwater pool is refreshing.

Low Salt Generator

We’ve talked a lot about the advantages, but there are still some downsides to saltwater pools. For one, they aren’t the most environmentally friendly, as backwashing saltwater will kill grass and plants and should never be discharged into storm drains. Saltwater systems also contribute to scaling and can lead to premature corrosion of metallic parts in and around your pool. Don’t let any of this turn you off, though. At Purewater, we carry the latest systems like the Hayward Low Salt Generator, which will halve the amount of salt used in your pool. This takes care of a lot of the major concerns people may have about converting to a saltwater pool.

Keep in mind, converting to saltwater is not your only option. Call or come into the Purewater store to discuss what systems and products are right for you.

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