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5 Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

A hot tub may be the best thing you could own to help you unwind after a hard day at work. When it comes to truly enjoyable home leisure, few things are more relaxing than quality soak-time in a warm, bubbling spa. Here are five benefits of owning a hot tub at home:


Can you remember the last time you were laying back in a hot tub? It goes without saying that within that moment, you were possibly the least stressed person in the world. It turns out that there is a scientific reason for this! Warm bubbling water helps to reduce physical stress throughout the body, as the heat improves circulation, helps to lower blood pressure, and creates a state of general physical relaxation.

Hot tubs are also relaxing for the mind as well. Whether you prefer to cuddle up with a partner, chat with friends, or dive into a juicy book, the atmosphere, and experience of your home spa can help you de-stress, without pills!

Muscle Relief

Having a hot tub is basically like having a personal masseuse on call 24/7/365 – although it wouldn’t be just any old masseuse – it would be a masseuse with magic fingers of warm, pulsating, bubbling water!

A quality hot tub allows you to precisely and minutely control the type and intensity of the massage.  Whether you experience chronic muscle tightness or just feel sore after a particularly intense workout, hot tubs can relieve tension and loosen your muscles. Pulsating jets can also be used as a massage, soothing your tight muscles and providing relief throughout your body. Have a beer league game every Wednesday? Spend a half hour in the hot tub afterward, and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks Thursday morning, not like a bag of bones!

Health Benefits

Experts regarding conditions as diverse as arthritis, diabetes, and insomnia recommend the regular use of hot tubs to relieve pain and heighten relaxation. When you immerse your body in warm water, you can increase circulation and decrease swelling and inflammation in your joints. You can perform moderate stretching and range-of-motion exercises in the water as you are buoyant, helpful for individuals with physical conditions that make it more difficult to exercise on dry land.  This benefit is one of the reasons why hot tubs are used and loved by a wide range of people – from young adults to families, to seniors – almost everyone could use and benefit from a home spa.


Have you ever been hanging out with your friends, and noticed that everyone in the room was on their phone? How about at a family gathering? Of course you have – it’s the new normal, and it drives a lot of us crazy!

Want to know the best part about hanging out in a hot tub? You don’t bring your phone in! When you have a hot tub, the whole family or close friends can gather and share time bonding and laughing with each other. Hear stories from your children as they relive their latest classroom hijinks or breakaway goal in hockey. Have your friends over for a relaxing night – or a wild one!

It’s surprising how quickly your buddies’ social schedules will open up when you mention that you have a new hot tub!


A home spa can be quite the romantic environment. Whether you are enjoying the early stages of new love or looking to reconnect your with your longtime sweetheart, nothing is better than sharing each other’s company as you look up at the constellations in the night sky, embraced by the warmth of a home hot tub.

Join the home leisure and health craze and treat the entire family by purchasing a hot tub from one of Ottawa’s most reputable dealers, and one of North America’s most trusted home spa manufacturers. Call Purewater today!

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