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5 Signs You SHOULDN’T Own a Hot Tub

There’s nothing quite relaxing as coming home after a long and stressful day at work and being able to hop in your very own Purewater hot tub to melt the stress away. But if you relish in the pain of those sore, aching muscles, maybe this isn’t a match for you. Here are five signs to help determine if owning a hot tub isn’t a wise choice for you.

Sign #1: You Enjoy Stress

If you’re the kind of person that lives for the thrill of stress and enjoys the subtle throb of muscle ache that persists each and every evening you come home from work, then this could be a sign for you. A hot tub is not a wise purchase for those who relish in the hectic demands that allow stress to prevail and thrive.

Sign #2: You Like Aching Muscles

Do you enjoy those aching muscles after a workout? Well if you do, avoid hot tubs. With the ability to submerge each muscle in a pool of warm, embracing water with massaging jets and comfy pillows to rest your weary body, a hot tub would quite simply be your nemesis.

Sign #3 You Avoid Fun

If the word fun sends chills up your spine or furrows your brow – don’t get a hot tub! Whether it’s a warm summer night, a fresh autumn afternoon or a warm dip amongst the snow, a hot tub quite simply is a mecca for social gatherings. Friends and family will embrace you with their presence as you enjoy the luxury and relaxation together.

Sign #4: You Don’t Enjoy Relaxing Moments for Yourself

Imagine a crisp spring night dedicated to some personal time for yourself, unwinding and reading a book beneath the stars as the warm water and jets massage your body. If this image makes you cringe a tad – a hot tub is definitely not for you.

Sign #5: You Don’t Enjoy a Restful Sleep

Soaking in a hot tub can result in a more peaceful, sound sleep. By simply having a soak before bedtime, you can enhance the ability for your body to have a restful, uninterrupted sleep. So if tossing and turning gives you a thrill, avoid hot tubs!

A hot tub can be a wonderful and luxurious ways to distress, relax and soothe those sore, aching muscles. But if you’re the kind of person to embraces stress, cringe at the concept of relaxation, and feel you can relate to these five signs – you shouldn’t own a hot tub.

If after reading this you’ve decided that perhaps you do really need a hot tub in your life, or have any questions regarding owning a hot tub, Purewater has everything you need. Check out our hot tub specials or visit us in store – your relaxation journey starts here!



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