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5 Signs You’re a Bad Poker Player

We all have those secret dreams of entering a poker tournament and coming out like James Bond. But the truth could be far from that reality. If you’re an avid poker player but need a sign other than your three-year losing streak, here are five signs you’re a bad poker player:

1) It’s Not Adding Up

If nothing seems to be adding up for you, it could be a tell-tale sign that you’re not paying attention to the numbers and math within the game. While it’s not essential to be a math whiz, it is important to have some grasp of the odds and probabilities facing you and your opponents. During each tournament, you should be making assessments and asking yourself questions, such as “What is your pot equity? What are the chances of being dealt a particular hand? How much should you bet in order to make it unprofitable for your opponent’s draws to call you?” It’s essential to be able to assess these outcomes.

2) You’re Impatient

To be successful at poker, you need to have patience. This is essential for both the learning process and during actual tournaments. Overnight success is rare and often sloppy luck. If you truly want to be a great poker player, it requires actually studying different hands, strategies, theory, and how you can constantly improve.

3) Lack of Discipline

Along with patience, poker requires discipline. This is what allows you to wait for that perfect hand without jumping the gun. For those who are easily bored, or impulsive, poker is not the game for you. Even with a vast amount of knowledge on the game and what hands are worth, just a few undisciplined manoeuvres can make you flop each and every time. Discipline will keep you in the game.

4) Your Big Ego

Sometimes that ego can just ruin everything. If you have a problem accepting defeat, then that should be a tell-tale sign for you. Even the best poker players know they cannot win them all. Sometimes it all comes down to luck. Accepting these facts and letting go of your pride and ego are crucial factors to not letting your emotions take over your game. This will just lead you to impulsive decisions and a poor outcome.

5) Can’t See the Bigger Picture

Everything we do is half chance. We can always strive to narrow down those odds with knowledge and strategy, but there will always be that luck factor. Having a grasp on the bigger picture is crucial. Each individual game does not matter as much as the lessons you take from them and turn into opportunities for improving. Bad poker players cannot see beyond the moment. It’s important to be able to have perspective in order to deal with the inevitable swings of poker.

If your poker game has been suffering, it could simply mean that you’re in need of a few tweaks. Hopefully these tips can help you re-vamp your game. Reward all your hard work with a trip to Purewater Total Home Leisure – we’re more than just pools and hot tubs! We are Ottawa’s best choice for poker gear and accessories. From custom casino chip sets to dealer shoes, card shufflers, specialized Texas hold’em tables and all your poker room décor needs, even if you’re a bad poker player at least you’ll look good doing it!

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