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5 Techniques to Be a Better Table Tennis Player

Looking to up your table tennis skills? Whether you want to improve before your annual guys’ trip to the cottage, or are ready to invest in a ping pong table of your own, there’s always ways to hone your skills.

Learn Advanced Serves

Serving is not only how you start each round of the game; it’s where you get the opportunity to set the tempo and handle your opponent. If you know how to serve with the best of them, you can easily rack up some points without letting your opponent have a chance to touch the ball; it’s all about the aces!

In order to do this, you need to learn a few advanced serving skills. These include serves directed towards the elbow, along with down-the-line, medium-long, short, and pure spins to mix it up and catch your opponent off guard. This is similar to baseball, where there are all sorts of different pitches, and the difference between winning and losing is often in how you mix them up.  Learning not only how to perform these advanced serves, but also counter them, will prepare you well for the most important part of the game.

Look them up and practice, practice, practice. The only way to get better at these techniques is to keep trying them!

Keep Your Eyes on Their Paddle

It goes without saying that keeping your eye on the ball is very important in any sport, especially a sport where you hit one back and forth. In many sports, like soccer, football, or basketball, keeping your eyes on the ball is of the utmost importance. In table tennis, you need to do more than that.

To become a better table tennis player, you should also train your eyes to watch your opponent’s paddle when it’s your turn to receive a serve or volley.  By keeping your eyes on the paddle, it allows you to be better prepared for the type of serve or shot they’re about to throw your way. Doing this will get you better set up to return their shot, and it will allow you to get used to the type of player you are facing.

Don’t Skimp on Equipment

If you’re serious about becoming a better table tennis player, then you need to get serious about your equipment – mainly your paddle. Just as a cue stick matters in snooker or pool, your paddle can really influence your game as well. Don’t be held back by your gear!  Experts recommend opting for a medium-fast blade, which will provide you with optimum control to really hone your technique rather than just aiming to hit the ball as hard and quickly as possible.

Most importantly, your paddle should feel like a good fit to grip. The best way to ensure you get the right paddle is to try them up for yourself. Swing by Purewater, where our table tennis gurus will be able to assist you with finding the paddle that’s right for you. Before you leave, you’ll be able to try them out in store, as well as weigh the pros and cons of all the options.

Work on Your Back-Hand and Using Both Hands

Let’s be honest; backhanders are not only practical and useful but also look way cooler than normal shots. Whether it be tennis, hockey, or table tennis, you can’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline when you see someone rifle a backhander which results in a point. Learning these shots takes a lot of practice, but it is easily attainable as long as you put your mind to it. Knowing how to whip out a quick backhand will allow you to easily return shots just out of range of your forehand, without having to reposition your whole body.

Another way to return shots is by using both hands. Obviously, this requires a lot of skill, as you also need to use your non-dominant hand. The rewards are sweet though, as mastering this technique will allow you to switch up your shots on command and easily confuse your opponent. You’ll be able to shoot at any spot on the table – but this skill won’t come easy!

Keep Calm and Strategize

In any sport, one of the important factors to success is to remain calm and avoid allowing your emotions to get the best of you. If you’re losing and you get upset, those emotions will end up clouding your judgment, causing you to lose focus and lose the game. Instead, work on controlling your emotions and try to hone in on what’s causing you to lose. Then strategize to pinpoint a solution. Keep in mind that when it’s time for you to serve, you can take some time to think before tossing. Use this time wisely.

Table tennis is a great sport that has surged in popularity over the last few years. When it’s time to step up to the table and face your opponent, feel confident in your table tennis skills by learning some of these handy techniques first. Visit Purewater Total Home Leisure or give us a call to talk about which table and what gear works best for your needs, check out accessories and paddles, or just chat about techniques to become a better table tennis player.

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