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An Early Spring “To Do” List for POOLS

With the approach of warmer weather, it’s time to start thinking about the pool! Planning ahead makes for a smoother and quicker transition from Arctic landscape to once again being able to enjoy backyard living. Purewater recommends following this “to do” list in early spring to get started:

Check the perimeter

As the snow melts, take a walk around the deck. Clear away any debris such as fallen branches that could potentially end up knocked or blown into the pool. If you use a pool cover, make sure your waterbags or deck anchors are intact. As the snow and ice melt and shift, there will be stress and strain on the tarp, so ensure it is secure. DO NOT use cinderblocks or patio furniture to replace missing anchors or bags. It is all too easy for these items to get dragged in as the ice melts, causing major damage to the liner.

Plan your opening

Timing is everything. While it may seem logical to wait until it is getting closer to actual “swimming time,” we counsel our customers to open early and plan ahead. It is much easier to clear up a pool when the water is still cold. Algae doesn’t get a chance to settle in and problems with staining are avoided when you start up early. Once there is pressure from the kids wanting to jump in, you’ve waited too long.

Getting started

For those that use a tarp-style cover, it is much easier to recycle or reuse the cover water when it is cold and clear. Once up and running, it is cheaper to run your pool pump, circulating the pool to keep it clean and clear, than to try and delay your opening for a few weeks. The cost and time needed to get a dirty pool running is significant, while new variable speed or high-efficiency pumps keep operating costs when chemical demand in cold water is minimal.

Upgrade your yard

Once the pool is open, it transforms the look of the yard. Who wants to look at a tarp and waterbags any longer than you have to? Water features (which you CAN retrofit to existing pools) such as waterfalls, rock-falls, fountain jets, and lighting treatments make the pool a beautifying part of the visual landscape.

Jumpstart potential problem-solving

By getting an early start, you can identify any repairs or service that needs to be addressed. These problems can be attended to before the pool is in demand, and before it becomes hard to book a technician. A couple of warm weekends and most Ottawa Pool stores schedule is packed.

Finally, shop early and stock up: Most Ottawa pool stores have trouble keeping up with demand once the warm weather hits. Inventory your pool shed and shop when everything is in stock. If you time things right, you can take advantage of pre-season sales and “end-of-the-line” clearances on merchandise from last season.

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