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Caring for Your Air Hockey Table

If you own an air hockey table, chances are that you probably know how easily they can accumulate dust and cause those shots to go way off course. Any little bit of dust or dirt will impact that swift glide of your puck, so it’s important to maintain and clean it properly. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve this.

Turn on the Table

Each time you turn the table on, the air will initiate and blow up any particles of dust or dirt from the holes and surface top.

Wipe Away Dust

Use a cloth that doesn’t have any form of abrasive surface. The best ones to use tend to be the “magnetic” dust fabrics. These are softer and can easily grasp dirt. Take the cloth and wipe down the table, starting from one end, working your way across the entire surface, wiping left to right. Be sure to get each hole. It’s important that you don’t apply a lot of pressure when wiping the surface down – so be gentle. If there are stubborn spots, use a bit of water to dampen the area and remove the dirt. Never use any harsh chemicals on your air hockey table.

Clean the puck and paddles

Once the surface has been sufficiently cleaned, shake out the cloth somewhere away from the table, or use a fresh, clean surface of the cloth to wipe down the paddles and puck. Make sure that no residue remains on the bottom of the puck or paddles, as it will impede the ability for them to glide on the surface properly.  If the plastic on the pucks or paddles is badly scratched or nicked this will also affect play.  Rubbing them with fine steel wool, can help smooth out an uneven surface, or if they get really rough, replace them (you can find replacements at Purewater).

Wipe down the edges and outer area of table

Since dirt and dust can easily build up anywhere, it’s important to keep the entire table clean so the air system isn’t blowing up dust each time it’s turned on. Use a cloth and go over all of the edges and outer surfaces of the table to make sure you’ve gotten everything.

Leave the air system on to dry

After you’ve completed wiping the entire table down, leave the table on so that any damp spot or residue may be dried by the air system.

Keep it Covered

When the table is not in use, always be sure to cover it each time in order to reduce the amount of dust that can accumulate, as well as any potentials spills or accidents.

Maintaining your air hockey table is simple. Just follow each of these steps and you’ll never have to worry about dust slowing down your game.

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