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Create a Hot Tub Sanctuary – No Matter Your Yard Size

Not everyone has enough space in their home or in their yard to set up a six-person hot tub. If you have a modest amount of space at your home, you will find that small 2-person hot tubs still offer plenty of room to maneuver and still provide first-rate amenities. With a bit of creativity (and some help from this guide and the team at Purewater) you can turn your small hot tub into a sanctuary even if space is at a premium.

Use your yard setup to your advantage

Your existing patio or deck is a great spot to put your hot tub, as long as the area is level and the hot tub has a proper foundation. If your yard has an incline, you can create a terraced garden using your hot tub as a centrepiece. You can carve out a level area, add a retaining wall, and use the hillside to create a feeling of seclusion. Don’t forget to leave room in case you need to access your hot tub’s internal components for maintenance reasons.

Decorate with flowers

You don’t need a lot of space in order to enjoy the soothing sights and aromas provided by flowers. You can hang flower boxes from your patio railings or windows in order to add ambiance and beauty to your hot tub sanctuary. Some of the best flowers to hang around your hot tub include bergenia and golden creeping Jenny. They are both beautiful choices that can withstand a fair amount of harsh weather that we see in Ottawa.

Create a sense of seclusion

Depending on the mood you are in, you may prefer to create a sense of seclusion in order to avoid any prying eyes so you can fully relax. There are number of ways you can give your hot tub sanctuary some privacy. You can purchase a large folding screen to put around the area of the hot tubs that are out in the open or you can get creative and hang sheer fabric around the hot tub using tall potted plants.

You don’t need an expansive yard in order to fully enjoy a hot tub. With a little creativity and some help from the team at Purewater, you can turn any size yard into a hot tub sanctuary. Let Purewater help you find and install the best hot tub for your home and then use this guide plus your own ingenuity to create a sense of spaciousness and a relaxing mood for your backyard hot tub area.

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