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Decorating Tips for Your Games Room

Setting up a games room is always a fun and exciting project, especially when it comes to decorating. It’s a space that’s dedicated to fun, so you can really get creative with it and let your own personality influence your design. From wild  colours and vivid lighting to bold displays to show off your impressive sound system – consider some of these tips to make your games room reflect your style.

Funky Accent Lighting

No matter what you end up including in your design, the lighting can be a great way to get creative. You can integrate it with other elements, such as illuminated neon signs, or simply use it as a stand-alone feature to create a funky and fun atmosphere. If a retro style is what you’re after, trying adding some old school relics, or even incorporate some more modern styles with multi color LED lights to enhance that games room vibe.

Focal Surround Sound

Who says your surround sound system can’t be a part of the décor? If you like it big and loud, then you can create a design that sets the surround system apart. You can arrange your layout so that it remains as the front and centre statement piece of the room, and don’t forget those funky big speakers.

Modern and Sleek Cabinetry

We understand that for some, designing the games room will need to reflect the design of the entire home. And if you’re into the modern look, then consider sleek and elegant furniture and an entertainment unit that can contain some of your items in a modern display.

Create an Immersive Experience

You can also completely transform your games room into one big immersive experience when you walk through the door. Consider painting the walls and ceiling in a uniform colour. You can also place a string of LED lights along the baseboard to create that movie theatre vibe to follow suit with a big screen TV or projection display.

Fun Wall Colours and Decorations

If you’re looking to create a fun space for the kids, you can get crazy with the walls, throw on some vibrant colours, or even apply some fun wall decorations, such as whimsical coloured tiles as an ode to the Tetris game. You can even get them involved in the design by incorporating some of their creative ideas too.

There’s no shortage of ideas for creating a games room that can reflect your own personal style and taste. And since it’s a space dedicated to fun, there are no rules and no limitations. Start thinking outside the box and start getting creative to build a games room that you will love.

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