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Dive into Pool Opening Season!

Ready for the summer?  You might be, but your pool certainly isn’t after those long winter months of hibernation. As the warmer weather approaches, you will want to maximize your swimming and enjoyment time, and minimize your workload, so it’s best to gear up, plan ahead, and get started on some pre-opening pool-related chores to get ready for the season.

Be ready to enjoy the pool as soon as you want, and spend less time, effort, and money on startup this season by planning ahead.  Although the weather may not quite be “ready to swim” the best time to plan it all out is now. Expedite that transition and make your opening as hassle-free as possible.  Here are our guidelines for getting a head start on your opening season tasks.

Plan Ahead for the Official Opening

We always recommend an early opening.  The quicker your pool is circulating, the better.  As the weather warms up, if your water is stagnant, organic debris starts to decompose, leading to staining.  Algae is dormant in cold water but watch out; a few days of warm sun and you can have a veritable green swamp growing under your winter tarp. Once the pool is open and circulating it is easy to keep the water clean and clear, as the pump and filter take over and do most of the work!

It makes sense to leave the official unveiling of the pool until the weather feels a little more appropriate for swimming, but we suggest that every pool owner plan their opening well in advance of the swimming weather. Since the temperature of the water is still cool during the spring, it will make the cleanup and removal of algae much easier if you tackle it early. Consider your timing carefully.

Clear Away Surrounding Debris

The winter season often leaves (leafs?) behind quite the mess. The first task on your to-do list should be to tackle the yard and deck around the pool. Clear away any leaves, trash and other debris that can get blown into the pool. You should also check your pool cover or tarp to ensure that everything is still intact.  It is never too early to break out the leaf net and start dipping out some of the heavy debris from your tarp, including dirt, leaves, and twigs.

Give Plenty of Time to Clean and Clear the Water

It can be easy to misjudge the time that is necessary for a dirty pool to be made ready for swimming, to get it clean and ready for use. This is another reason why you should start your pool opening nice and early to allow the pump and filter to run in order to have the water crystal clear and safe for swimming.

Enhance the Yard

That ugly black tarp may be good for the pool during our icy winters, and a pool cover certainly helps make opening easier, however, nobody wants to stare at it any longer than necessary.  Your pool is usually the major landscape feature of your back yard. It enhances the look of your yard, and a sparkling blue pool makes spring feel more springy than a messy black swamp. Getting your pool back to blue just feels better!

If you are looking to really crank up the “wow” factor in your poolscape this year, consider adding in some stunning water features, such as waterfalls, a slide, or even a digital lighting system to highlight your luxury setting? Learn more about our major renovation services!  Spring is the time to begin preparing for the upcoming pool season. Remember to plan early and get a jump start on your pool maintenance so that you can have the pool ready and waiting once that summer heat arrives.

For a truly “hands free” experience, it’s not too late to book your PROFESSIONAL Purewater pool opening!

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