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Why It’s Too Early to Close Your Pool

With the kids now back in school and everyone back to their regularly scheduled programming, you’ve got to ask: is it closing time? Just because the summer break is done it doesn’t mean you need to pack up the fun as well. If you’re feeling unsure about keeping your pool open for a little while longer, here are few good reasons why you should keep the good times rolling:

Embrace the Unpredictable Canadian Weather

First of all, you’ve got to know how unpredictable weather can be here in Ottawa, for better or for worse. Sometimes, mother nature and lady luck grace us with a glorious extended summer where that warm weather stays with us well into October. If there’s one thing to learn about living in Canada, it’s never to jump to conclusions about the weather – just jump into the pool. All the more reason to keep that pool open a little longer.

Give the Kids Something to Look Forward to After School

Remember those first few weeks as a child heading back to school? It was scary, intimidating, and even slightly depressing knowing that winter and a whole lot of studying lay around the corner. Having something extra special to enjoy for those first initial weeks after school can give your child that extra boost of fun as they settle into school and get ready to buckle down for the winter.

Exercise Benefits

If you enjoy using your pool all summer long to swim laps and get your cardio up, the last thing you want to do is pack up in the car and drive to a smelly public pool to enjoy the same exercise. The same applies if you use your pool for other fitness purposes, like low-impact exercises and resistance training. Plus, the slightly cooler temperatures of September are quite welcome when your body is active and moving.

 Improve Your Water Quality

Believe it or not, the longer you can keep you pool open, the better the quality of water will be come next year. The longer pool water is left to sit stagnant after you shut things down for the season, the greater the chance algae and bacteria have to get an aggressive foothold in the water and turn that dazzling blue in to a murky green. The longer it can stay in use, the better your water quality will be once spring rolls around, and the easier your pool opening will be next spring

It Doesn’t Need To Cost a Lot

Especially true with new energy efficient pump and control systems, it costs relatively little to keep your pool circulating in fall.  Use your solar cover a little more liberally, and as the water cools and days grow shorter, you’ll find it takes very little chemical to keep things bright and clean.  When the weather is nice, fire up that pool heater for a few hours and enjoy an after-work swim or weekend pool party!

Don’t throw in the beach towel just yet! Just because the summer break is over, doesn’t mean poolside fun has to be over, too. When it is finally time to close it up, get in touch with Purewater to book a professional closing!

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