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Easy Summer Living with Ottawa Pool Maintenance

You always knew a pool would require work and attention. Suddenly you find your weekends are filled with fretting over chemical levels, losing sleep over the leak you know is there somewhere, and the thought of algae gives you nightmares. Don’t let pool maintenance take the fun out of your summer! Allow Purewater to be your pool saviour and take away all your pool-related stress so you can dive in and enjoy.

Pool Training 101

Start with Purewater’s Pool Training 101. Allow one of our experienced technicians to teach you the proper way to care for your pool using your own equipment in your own backyard. It’s much easier to learn how to do something properly when you can watch the professionals do it first. The technicians will also teach you how to balance your chemicals in your own pool, in order to always have perfect water balance and clean, clear water. One or two sessions with our experts will give you the confidence you need to make your pool a source of fun and not a source of stress.

Leak Detection and Repair

If you are certain that your pool is losing water but can’t find the source of the leak, call Purewater and we will send someone to investigate. Not only is there a concern with respect to wasted water, but if you are constantly “topping up” the pool, you are having to adjust and readjust the chemical and mineral balances constantly.  In addition, a leak can, over time, weaken or damage the pool structure.  Oftentimes there are leaks in the plumbing lines and it’s not easily detectable to the untrained eye. You have your job expertise, so does Purewater! Let us find and fix the leak that has been driving you crazy for weeks so you can get back to floating blissfully with an ice cold drink in hand.

Equipment Installation

If you suddenly are plagued with guilt over your rising energy bills perhaps it’s time to upgrade your pool equipment. Think of it this way, if you had an old fridge from the early 80’s in your house and you knew it was causing your energy bills to skyrocket, your first instinct would be to replace the fridge with a newer more energy efficient model. The same can be done for your pool equipment. Up-to-date heaters, sanitization systems, filters, and pumps won’t just improve the condition of the water, they’ll more than pay for themselves in a short time.

Pool Renovation

Perhaps your pool came with the house and it doesn’t exactly live up to your “dream pool” standards. Purewater is able to do a total transformation to your pool and give it all the special features you wish it had! Whether that be a walk out from the shallow end, a swim-in lounge area with therapy jets, a waterfall, or a backlit mini fountain display (think “Bellagio”) Purewater is devoted to making your pool dreams come true.

There is no reason that your pool should be the source of stress. Let the Ottawa pool repair and pool service experts at Purewater bring the joy back to your summer!

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