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Why Everyone is Talking About Purewater Pool Tables

From the local bar to the classy billiards club – the game of pool knows no boundaries and remains a favorite Canadian pastime. When it comes to the game of pool, no one knows it better than the staff at Purewater. If you’re thinking about purchasing a pool table for your home, here are a few reasons why you should need look no further.

A Great Long-Term Investment

Although the initial purchase of a pool table can seem like a big investment, when you select a table that is crafted using only the highest standards and quality, you can be assured it will last you for years to come. Made from hardwood, crafted and designed to fit your style, a quality pool table will be a centerpiece of your rec room, well worth the investment.

Statement Piece

With the addition of a pool table comes the addition of luxury, class, and fun. It sets the stage for whatever room it is placed in, and becomes a true statement piece. A rec room simply isn’t the same without one. You’ll feel proud to own such a beautifully crafted piece that everyone can enjoy. Get ready to make your neighbours jealous!

A Game for Everyone

Pool is a timeless game that everyone can play and enjoy. You can invite the whole family over for a game, or have a night with your friends and strike up a friendly tournament to sharpen your skills. No matter the crowd, it’s a game that just about anyone can pick up and learn for fun, or really sharpen your skills and take your game to the next level. It is no wonder that it has and continues to remain one of Canada’s favourite games.

If you have kids, the advantages of having an enviable rec. room are numerous.  Keep them away from the passivity of TV and video gaming, and introduce them to a game of skill and action.  Billiards gets them to talk and interact with the other players, while honing their fine motor skills. Heck, they’ll even be learning about geometry while computing the angles on bank shots…  Last but not least, isn’t it great to know the kids and their friends are playing a game in your house, in your basement, rather than hanging out in a less desirable locale getting up to mischief.

A quality pool table is timeless, classy and above all else – great fun. Come visit us in-store to see our selection of pool tables and see which model suits you best, or build your own table online. Once you find the right model, one of our factory-trained table mechanics will install it in your home. And of course for any pool table service needs over the years like re-levelling, re-clothing, repairing rail cushion, or disassembly/reassembly for a move, just give us a call!


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