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Fall Tips to Make Opening Season Easier than Ever

Although fall brings bright colours and beautiful scenery it also means the end of pool season. Trading warm sun-filled pool days for a hat and a scarf may not seem like a fair deal, but living in Ottawa doesn’t offer us a choice. By properly closing your pool in the fall you can make the job of re-opening it in the coming spring that much easier, getting back your fun in the sun faster than ever! Here are five helpful tips for the closing season that will make next year’s opening season a breeze.

One Last Chemical Treatment

When getting your pool ready for winter, it’s advisable to check the water balance and do a mineral and chemical treatment for winter. The water sitting in the pool all winter is stagnant and susceptible to algae growth. Generally, as the temperature starts dropping and you aren’t using the pool quite as often, you can use fewer chemicals in your pool maintenance. A weekly check of your pool maintenance should be enough to maintain the right pH balance in your water. A final, full treatment before you drain and shut down the equipment helps ensure clean and clear water come spring. If we have a long, warm fall, for example, more than a month passes between when the pool was treated and when the water gets close to freezing, a “top-up” with a little shock and algaecide can go a long way towards keeping green water at bay. It’s important that the stagnant water stays as clear as possible in order to have a smooth open in the spring.

Keep the Surface Clean

The flurry of colourful leaves you see in autumn can be quite beautiful, but messy. As the fall season continues, many of the falling leaves will inevitably end up in your pool. Before closing your pool, taking the simple step of skimming the surface of your pool each day can have multiple benefits, even if you aren’t using the pool at the time. By staying on top of this, you can avoid your pool’s liner being stained, and save your water chemistry from being affected, which makes the closing process easier. In turn, an efficient, yet thorough fall closing can make the opening of your pool in the spring that much easier.

Clean Your Filter

The cleaning of your pool filter is an important but easily forgotten step. Similar to cleaning the filter in your furnace it’s important to clean the filter in your pool to ensure that the water can be properly filtered through it. If you give your pool filter one last thorough cleaning before shutting down for the winter you save yourself the time of doing it in the spring. Any dirt and grime left to sit in the filter all winter really gets a chance to “settle in” and cleanup come spring of both the filter and the pool will be a much bigger job!

Proper Storage of Equipment

Depending on the type of pool you have there may be components that need to be stored indoors or at least sheltered to survive the winter. If you have them, remove diving boards, as well as any railings or ladders. It is well worth it to keep these items stored as doing so will extend the years of use for each, since exposure to ultraviolet light ages the surfaces. Make sure you store everything in an organized and easy to locate fashion to make your spring opening procedure easy. Small fragile items from fittings to lights need extra care to make sure they don’t get misplaced or damaged over the winter. Larger objects such as a solar blanket can be stored outdoors, but should be covered with a tarp to prevent damage.

Take Care of Any Repairs

If over the summer you noticed there were necessary repairs to be made on your pool, fall is the time to take care of them. Don’t pack your pool up for winter with repairs on the to-do list. If you address the necessary problems in the spring it will make your opening process much slower, you know you will want to jump into your pool without having to deal with broken equipment. Repairs and renovations conducted in the fall will likely be the most smooth and efficient because you typically get the best price, best workmanship and the best weather conditions for these projects. On the other hand, spring is arguably the most risky and expensive time to plan repairs or renovations considering the bustling nature of the season and at times erratic weather. In addition, it’s wise in the closing season to re-strap and order your pool furniture, as in the fall many manufacturers are running specials to clear their inventory. If you choose to wait until spring, you will find this step more expensive and more unpredictable with delivery dates.

Although winter may be the price we pay for glorious summers, the proper shut-down of your pool ensures a smooth and easy opening come spring. Fall is also a great time to give your pool a facelift and address any existing problems there may be. Maximize your summer pool time by putting a little work in the fall!

If you’d rather sit inside watching Sunday Night Football, we understand. That’s why Purewater offers a full suite of pool services, including pool opening, pool closing, pool maintenance, renovations, upgrades and pool repairs!

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