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Having Some Fun With Your Pool Table

The game of pool (or billiards) is a widely known and popular game. But for those who are lucky enough to own their own pool table, there is an entire world of fun and games available to you beyond the conventional game of pool. If you already have a pool table or are thinking about getting one in the near future, here are three other games that you can play using your pool table!


Elimination is similar to the regular premise of pool except it involves three players instead of two. Each player is responsible for their designation of numbers, either 1 to 5, 6 to 10 and 11 to 15. The object of the game is to sink as many of your opponent’s balls  as possible while ensuring yours stay on the table. Your turn is not up until you take a shot and do not sink a ball, this includes your own numbers. It may be part of the strategy to sink one of your own balls to ensure that it remains your turn. The winner is the last player with at least one number still on the table.

One Pocket Pool

If you are naturally a pool shark and find it too easy to sink balls in any random pocket, try playing one pocket pool. Designed to make the game much trickier and to bring out the real pool stars, one pocket pool can take a long time to master. It starts as traditional pool does with the regular break. Once a ball has been sunk, the shooter is committed to using only that pocket for the rest of the game. If the player sinks balls in any other pocket they get a penalty point. Three penalty points = the loss of the game. It’s a strategic game where penalties may need to be taken in order to win the game.

Table Tennis

Since pool tables take up quite a bit of space in a rec room, there may not be room for an additional table for table tennis, also known as ping pong! Make your pool table into a multi-purpose table and use it for table tennis. While there are conversion tops out there, it’s also easy to make your own table tennis top. It’s quite simple, get a piece MDF board from your local hardware store that is sized to match the dimensions of your pool table. Mount a table tennis net and voilà, your two-in- one games room is complete. Having a pool table can be lots of fun. You can play solo or with friends and change up the game you play as often as you feel like it! Now you no longer have to head out to Dooley’s or hang out at that weird neighbour’s house just because he’s got a table. Come on into Purewater and check out our specials on billiards tables and accessories. For a limited time, pool tables are up to 20% off (see store for details).

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