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How a Game Room Can Bring the Family Closer Together

Just because you’re a parent, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop having fun! You can bond with your kids over the games that you already love. Turning an area of your home into a games room can not only help keep your kids entertained and occupied, but it can also provide you with the perfect way to spend some quality family time together. If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids entertained while bringing the family closer together, here’s how a games room can do just that!

Unplug from the Electronics

Kids today are glued to their devices, but be honest – you’re probably not much better! We’ve replaced the Atari and Gameboy of our youth with iPads and Smartphones. With the whole family glued to phones, tablets, and video games, before we know it, it’s dark outside and time for bed…and nobody said more than two sentences to each other.

A games room can become a source of interactive entertainment, where personal electronics are removed (except ones that you can all play together). Rather than be entertained on an individual basis with your phones and devices, the family can get together over a foosball table and throw down a game that everyone can participate in and enjoy.

How a Games Room Can Bring a Family Together

Foster Real Interactions and Connections

So much of the technological world is encouraging our children to engage in fantasy interactions with gaming characters, which is evident as children become more and more disengaged from the world around them. Something as simple as having a games room where you regularly spend an hour or two playing together with family and friends can benefit in so many ways, helping develop social skills via real-life personal interactions with others.

Encourages Everyone to Work Together

No matter what game it may be – pool, foosball, table tennis – playing together allows you to work together towards achieving a goal. When parents get involved, kids can feed off of their enthusiasm and really bond, while encouraging each other to do their best. Through games, you can learn how to be a good sport and win or lose with dignity. Plus, games like pool and air hockey are a great way to hone problem-solving skills, intuition, hand-eye coordination, strategy, and even geometry.

How a Games Room Can Bring a Family Together

Find Balance Between Life and Play

Growing up in a household that fosters this type of face-to-face playtime helps you appreciate the time spent together as a family and can better maintain the balance between work, electronics time, and “real” family time.  Obviously, we all need some help from our “smart” devices every once in a while, but unplugging for some family fun helps keep everything in perspective.

Have Fun 

We’re always thinking about the past, future and all of the things we need to get done. But sometimes, we just need to unwind, distract our thoughts and have some fun. That’s what games are all about! They provide us with the perfect outlet to press pause when we need to decompress, and they bring us back into the present moment. Life can always use more fun and silly moments, and when you have a games room, you can easily step away from work, have some fun and enjoy a little friendly competition at any time. 

Learn How to Be Good Team Player

Remember playing games as a kid? No matter what the game, there were valuable lessons that they taught us, from being strategic and thinking on the fly, to critically analyzing a certain outcome, to learning how to work together and be a good sport when you lost. Games provide some important lessons, especially for kids as they grow and develop. Learning how to work as a team, accept defeat and be humble as a winner is a valuable part of it all.

A games room is more than simply a few old-school games collected in a spare room. It can become the room that allows the entire family to engage and have fun together, while fostering healthy interactions that encourage us to unplug and unwind, to connect and re-connect with one another as opposed to the individualistic electronic world.

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