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How to Improve Your Pool Game

As you might have guessed by our logo, here at Purewater we have quite the affinity for pool sharks. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’ve never picked up a pool cue before, we’ve put together a few easy tips that you can adopt to dramatically improve your billiards game. Even the best players need some honing time and again!

Pool Playing Tips

  1. When playing pool, we think about our arms and hands. But what about our feet? The accuracy of your stroke starts with planting your feet solidly on the ground. Make sure you are solid from foot to fingertip before you take a single shot. Sometimes you’ll have to lean awkwardly over the table, so balance is a big factor.
  2. Picture the ideal pool stroke: it’s smooth and rhythmic from beginning to end. Practice hundreds, even thousands of times until you have that perfect routine down.
  3. This might catch you by surprise, but you’re better off setting yourself up for angled shots instead of direct ones. With an angled shot, you have many more options to sink the ball. If you’re only going for direct “easy” shots, you’re actually making it harder on yourself.
  4. At the same time, when you’re first learning your best move is to go for the easy play. Focus on nailing the easy shots to the point that they’re basically “gimmes,” and then work on your game from there.
  5. When you practice, you’re better off playing a game or at least attempting drills rather than randomly shooting loose balls. Think of it like the difference between shooting at an empty hockey net, or trying to score with a goalie and defending team on the ice.
  6. Chalk up before each shot. Move the chalk, not the pool cue!
  7. When taking your shooting stance, line up the shot with your chin, not your hand or cue. If you put your hand down first you’re more likely to get an awkward and unsuccessful approach to the shot.
  8. Most of the time, you’ll be playing with your family and friends for fun. However if you want to get really good, challenge yourself by playing with better players. Learn from them and steal their best moves.
  9. This is tougher for some players than others: don’t lose your cool if you miss a big shot or even lose the game. Keep calm and nail the next shot instead of getting in your own
  10. If you find yourself mired in a slump, try switching up your playing place. If you normally play at a fast pace, try slowing it down, plotting out your shot, taking a few practice strokes, etc. If you normally play slow, pick up the pace and let your skills lead the way before you psyche yourself out of the perfect shot.

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