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How to Pick Your Ideal Hot Tub

At Purewater, we sell dozens of different models of hot tubs from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Each style of tub has its own unique features and benefits, so what you end up choosing will depend on your needs, budget, interests, and the features you want. So which model is right for you? Below, we’ve provided a guide to picking your ideal hot tub:

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What is Your Budget?

We have a variety of entry-level hot tubs available for under $4,000, and mid-range models usually priced under $10,000. Then there are our high-end luxury hot tubs that can run as high as $20,000, which reflects all features and additions you could need! Regardless of the price and your budget, you can expect a reliable, best-in-class hot tub from us! We understand the importance of sticking to your budget while still being able to meet your needs and wants. 

What is Most Important to You?

Hot tubs offer many different compelling uses. You can splash around with the kids, unwind with your partner, or relax and hang out with your friends and family. You can destress with hydrotherapy, or recover from an intense workout with a jet-fuelled massage. You can entertain guests or opt to lounge solo. Thinking about what the ideal group size you want to accommodate goes a long way towards helping you plan and select the right model. Figure out what you want most from your spa – how much therapy, how much play, how much massage and how much still soaking, and when you realize what your ideal uses are, they will guide you through the rest of your decisions. Click here for some of the top-rated hot tub features as of 2020. 


What is the Size of the Space?

One of the huge advantages of hot tubs over home pools is how compact they are. They can fit into a small backyard or sit atop a cozy deck. Or, if you’re looking for something more luxurious, they can fit inside your home in a dedicated room too!  The size of the available space will affect which model and size make the most sense for you. Models for three or four people are generally under seven feet in both width and length, while party-sized hot tubs can be as much as fifteen feet in one dimension.

What Colours and Finishes Do You Like?

Our hot tubs come in a variety of stunning colour combinations and finishes. From alluring tanzanite and soothing pearl to shiny platinum to elegant mahogany, with Purewater you can get the exact look that enhances your home and suits your own style. Our hot tub specialists would be glad to walk you through all the excellent options we have available!

What Enhancements Do You Want?

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Purewater hot tubs come with a wide variety of enhancement features. How do built-in speakers or adjustable LED lights sound? What about the ability to control the jet settings and temperature from your iPhone? Take it a step further with accessories like aromatherapy, a waterfall feature, or a protective motorized cover. At Purewater, the sky is the limit!

If you know exactly what kind of hot tub is right for you, come on in and pay us a visit today. If you’re still undecided, visit us anyway and we’ll help guide you through the process. It’s only a matter of time before you’re relaxing in the soothing waters of your own personal Purewater hot tub.

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