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Liner Installations

A new liner is a quick and easy way to spruce up a tired looking swimming pool. If your liner shows signs of age and wear, don’t wait for a catastrophic failure that results in lost swimming time and potentially expensive base and wall repair. Call or email Purewater for a free estimate to replace that old, tired liner and revitalize the pool!!

Click Here to view 30+ liners from Deys Fabricating that we offer.

*Liner is manufactured and assembled in Canada with Canadian material.

All liner installations include:

  • Custom measure of pool for a perfectly fit liner.
  • Removal of water and old liner. The groundwater is taken care of and it’s time to prepare the pool for relining.
  • We remove all the face plates and gaskets and pull the light from the deck box connection, and remove it.
    We inspect the walls for damage, or rust through. We can install steel or aluminum plates to repair rotted skimmers and returns.
  • We pressure test each underground pipe to identify any buried plumbing failures.
  • We visually inspect the light niche, skimmer box, main drain, and stairs sections to find any cracks, gasket failures, or areas that need repairs.
  • The entire pool wall is scraped to remove loose dirt, rust, and burs.
  • The liner track and the pool walls are washed down with a high pressure nozzle.
  • Any wall seam or stair seam is taped. This seals all cracks and gives us a good vacuum when we set the liner. It also helps keep out moisture which causes corrosion.
  • We scrape and clean any badly rusted spots, and then put a rust inhibitive paint. (can be an additional cost)
  • The pool bottom is carefully washed and vacuumed to remove all debris. this step is repeated as necessary.
  • The liner is set into place and vacuum formed to remove wrinkles.
  • A set of new face-plates and gaskets are installed. We carry an extensive supply of stainless steel screws, so we make sure that all old stripped screws are replaced with the proper stainless screws.
  • The pool is refilled with water (water is billable to home owner) and the pump is tested and inspected.
  • We pick up and remove all trash
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