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Master the Game of Foosball

On a cold November night, in the back of your rec room lies an empty space. It’s dark, unused, and could really use a little TLC. You’ve spent years trying to figure out how to bring life to the gaping emptiness that is your rec room but nothing has done the trick. Then suddenly a light bulb goes off and you have come up with the perfect plan, the perfect way to bring life and excitement to your once lonely and maybe even depressing rec room. You choose to invest in a Purewater foosball table!

Foosball, or table soccer, is a sport that dates back as far as the 1920s. It is the perfect way to spend your free time at home. Foosball is great because it doesn’t take up that much space, there is a relatively short learning curve, and it’s fantastic to play at any age. It can be a team sport of two-on-two, or just one on one. The options are essentially endless for how you can set up a games night. Here are a few tricks for how to master the game of foosball if you are just starting out.

The Power Shot

A great way to score on your opponent is to unleash an incredibly powerful and forceful shot. The difficulty here will be perfecting your accuracy, but a little practice will make you a champ in no time. Don’t be afraid to use maximum power for this shot, the players don’t have real legs so they can’t suffer the consequences of a hard shot!  And remember, NO SPINNING!  A legal shot requires that your hand not leave the handle.  A power shot has to be delivered by a flick of the wrist.  Sending your players on a 360 degree “spin-o-rama” may look and sound good, but it’s a no-no.

The Bank Shot

Nothing says “SURPRISE!” like an intentional bank shot rebound goal on your unsuspecting opponent. To master this move you need to shoot hard at the wall behind your opponent’s net and be quick to get your strikers in position for the rebound, and tap it into the net all before your opponent knows what’s happened. The key here is ensuring that your rebound goes to your player and not to the other team’s feet.

Defend with your Offense

Make sure to park your offensive line in direct line with your opponent’s defensive line, so that their attempts to clear the ball will be deflected and become a goal for your team! Where you leave your players when your hand is on one of the other rows is just as important as how you play the ball with your active men.

The game of foosball is a fantastic way to fill up your rec room and bring the family  together for games night. It’s fun, competitive and affordable.  It takes skill and helps improve reflexes and coordination, all without the use of a hard drive of the purchase of additional bandwidth! Come on into Purewater and check out our selection of foosball tables, both American and European models, or shop our other games room tables and accessories, from billiards tables to air hockey, table tennis and darts, poker sets, and more.

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