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Off-Season Pool Care

You may think that your work is done once your pool is winterized, but it’s not entirely true. There are a number of winter pool maintenance items that should be addressed so you don’t have any nasty surprises once you open your pool up again next year. We have provided you with the following winter pool care check-list:

Make sure your pool cover is secure

You know how nasty the winters can get in the Ottawa area. Strong winds and heavy snow and rain will do serious damage to your pool cover. It’s important to make sure your cover is secure and covering your entire swimming pool. For above-ground pools, periodically check your choice of pool cover is tightened and secure. For example, if you are using a heavy-duty air pillow, make sure it is inflated and holding the cover up securely. For in-ground pools, check that your pool cover is being held in place correctly by your water blocks or water bags.

Remove debris

In order to prevent your pool cover from being ripped or torn, you need to regularly remove debris from it. In the winter time, debris is usually wet leaves left over from the fall, or heavy ice chunks and snow. Even these small items will become quite heavy and weigh your pool cover down. The unaccounted weigh will cause damage if left to amass. You can use a leaf net to catch the leaves, but you still need to dispose of them before you collect too many. Keeping leaves away from your pool area can also help prevent your water from being contaminated if you don’t use a pool cover.

Keep an eye out for damage

During the winter, you should do a quick inspection of your pool and pool equipment every now and then. Keep an eye out for any cracks forming or anything out of the ordinary. Replacing equipment or resurfacing your pool can be very costly, and it’s definitely an expense you want to avoid if you can. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, you should contact a pool expert at Purewater to get advice on how to proceed. We guarantee low prices on all the basic replacement parts, and our friendly and knowledgeable team can assist with all repair needs.

Check pool water for algae

Typically, algae do not grow in water when the temperature is less than 15°C – and you know that’s a rarity in the middle of February in Ottawa. Still, considering we just had a warm spell in mid-November, anything can happen between pool closing and opening. You should keep an eye on your water to see if any algae formations begin to grow. If you happen to find algae growth, you will need to add shock treatment or algaecide to your pool water right away. It’s best to deal with this situation right away, instead of delaying your pool opening in the summer. Bring in a sample of water and we’ll recommend a solution.

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