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Ottawa Pool Service: 3 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean All Summer Long

It’s finally summertime and if the weather cooperates you can expect to be using your pool almost every day. A backyard pool party and barbecue can be the perfect escape from a long work week, but what happens if your pool isn’t quite looking as clean and pristine as you had hoped? It’s not fun to play “identify the floating object” as you’re swimming the breast stroke, and you certainly don’t want to have your guests splashing in green & slimy pool water. There are a few key things you can do to maintain your pool’s cleanliness and keep it looking clear and beautiful until the fall arrives:

Use the Leaf Skimmer Every Few Days

Outdoor pools, especially in-grounds, are easy collection points for falling leaves, creepy crawlies, and even floating trash. Take a few minutes out of your day to skim the pool with your leaf net. This quick job will decrease the possibility of objects getting to the bottom and starting to break down, and stain the liner.  Regularly skimming the surface in combination with your circulation system can keep the water clear and inviting.

Be Sure You Have a Fully Functional Vacuum System Installed – and Use It!

We vacuum our houses to keep them clean so why should our pool be treated any differently? Regular vacuuming will keep the pool floor clean of dirt and minimize the risk of algae growth and staining. It is also important to point the return jet nozzles downward so as to continually sweep the floor.

Don’t Fall Behind on Chemical Treatments and Balancing

To keep your pool as clean and safe as you possibly can it’s important to become familiar with where the chemical and mineral levels need to be. The best way to obtain the knowledge you need in order to keep your pool healthy and clean is to visit a specialist in pool care. Purewater can answer any questions you may have with respect to chemical and mineral levels and their expert staff can teach you how to perfectly balance the pool to ensure  a perfect swim every time. Just bring a sample into the Purewater store for a free analysis. We’ll test the water and let you know what needs to be done.

A pool is just like anything other space in a house, it needs to be cared for and kept clean and safe. It may be your source of relaxation but don’t fall asleep on the job and let yourself fall behind in regular pool maintenance. Mom was right, an ounce of prevention is better (and cheaper) than a pound of cure!

If you can’t tell chlorine from calcium and the thought of having to vacuum yet another surface drives you crazy, we’ve got you covered. Our pool care service, pool maintenance, and poor repair experts are here for you if you don’t want to do the maintenance yourself, we have a full suite of services to help you sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool all summer long! From pool openings and closing to liner repairs and leak detection, Purewater is here to help.

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