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Pain Relief: Hot Tub Therapy

Having a hot tub is a luxury that many people dream about. Not only is it a fun place to relax and unwind, but it can also be incredibly therapeutic and provide healing you cannot achieve elsewhere. If you suffer from chronic muscle pain or arthritis, consider investing in a hot tub. Here are three tips for how a hot tub can help improve your overall health when suffering from chronic pain.

Give Yourself Long Enough

Even if you feel as if you are rushed during your day, treat sitting in your hot tub as a firm commitment, important time spent on therapeutic personal improvement. In order to experience the full benefits of your hot tub, you need to soak for at least 20 minutes. Studies have shown that maximum benefit is reached after 20 minutes, so make that your targeted soak time. Remember also that soaking for a little extra time means you need to take extra care to maintain safe levels of sanitizer.  Test the water, and oxidize regularly to avoid any unpleasant rashes.

Don’t Sit Still

Even though you are in the hot tub to relax, remember that you are also there to achieve long-term pain relief. Take advantage of your muscles and joints being relaxed and engage in some gentle stretching. Of course take time to relax and find your inner calm, but make the most of your hot tub time by lightly stretching.

Keep the Temperature Out of the Boiling Zone

In the name it is described as “hot”, but you have control over what temperature the water is set at.  Hotter water does not necessarily mean more benefits. If you have cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, on top of any other aches and pains, very hot water can create unwanted and unhealthy physical stress. It is often better to turn down the temperature and soak a little longer, rather than run at maximum heat but become uncomfortable or overheated.  We always recommend you discuss your hot tub use with your Doctor to be sure you are getting maximum benefits with minimum risk; be safe!

Extremely hot water will also increase dehydration, which is not healthy for anyone. Remember to always stay hydrated while in the hot tub. It’s very easy to lose track of time while enjoying the serenity of your hot tub and you can quickly become dehydrated. Bring a shatterproof bottle of water with you when you go in for a soak. While a glass of wine can be a nice treat, alcohol and hot tubs can be a risky mix, as your body reacts differently when body temperatures are elevated.

Research has long since shown that soaking in hot water is great for relieving pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle and lower back pain. A hot tub can be the healing tool you were missing in your life to help alleviate your body aches and pains. If you think that a hot tub is a worthwhile investment in your own personal health feel free to contact Purewater Total Home Leisure to assist you with your purchase.

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