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Does Your Pool Have Plumbing Problems?

If you suspect your pool has plumbing problems, it’s important to get it addressed as soon as possible so that you and the family can make the most out of your pool this summer. Since your pool contains thousands of gallons of water, it’s not always easy to determine if there is a problem, and when a problem is left unattended it could just exacerbate the situation. With that in mind, here are two key elements to look out for that will tell you that your pool plumbing needs some work.

Leaky Pool

From the walls and floor, liner, jets, skimmer or drain, to anywhere there is a plumbing line present – a leak can occur in different and sometimes multiple places. When it’s hot and dry out, EVERY pool loses water due to evaporation, making a leak sometimes hard to diagnose.  The most obvious sign of a potential leak is that the water line is constantly lowered and you are always topping up. Every time you add fresh water from your garden hose into the pool it ends up diluting the chemicals and minerals that keep your pool water safe and preserve your equipment. You’ll have to re-balance and re-shock the water constantly, you’re paying extra for water and that’s no good. Even a slow leak in the wrong place underground can slowly erode the foundation of your pool leading to major structural damage.  If you start to feel like the pool is losing water frequently, this could be your first sign that there’s a potential problem.

One quick and easy test to determine if your pool has a leak, versus is it just evaporation, is called the bucket test.  Take a bucket of water from your pool and mark the water level inside the bucket in pencil.  Do the same on your pool liner.  Sit the bucket in your pool (ideally on a step), and after a couple of days measure how much water you lost in the bucket (how many millimeters the water level has dropped).  Compare this to the mark on the liner.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice that the water pressure throughout your pool is low, this might also be a good indicator that a problem may lie in leaky pipes and plumbing.  If your plumbing is old and hasn’t been updated in a while, it could be a good time for an upgrade. Many older systems are comprised of “spaghetti” systems using low diameter pipes, or a series of low-flow “elbows” that can wear over time and rob pressure from your system.

If you suspect problems in your pool, it could be time for a repair to your plumbing lines or an upgrade. When you do notice a problem, it’s always best to call your local pool care professional to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. If there’s any damage to your plumbing, don’t ignore it. Get it addressed as soon as possible so that you can ensure that you and your family can make the most out of those hot summer days.

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