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Pool Training 101

Having a pool is a barrel of fun, but there is maintenance involved.  Responsible pool ownership requires vigilance and attention to detail. What happens if you have never owned a pool before, or if your pool is so old that what used to work just doesn’t anymore? If you find yourself asking frequent questions about your pool but receiving very little in the way of answers, you should call Purewater to book your very own one-on-one pool training session.

Purewater provides training on everything to do with your pool. This can be exceptionally helpful to those who are new pool owners, whether you have a newly installed pool or a recent house purchase left you with an existing pool. However you came to owning a pool, the pool training 101course is an imperative pool survival course.

Learn How to Use the Equipment

Pools all come with equipment to ensure proper filtration and cleanliness. This equipment needs to be operated properly in order to successfully do the job it was intended for. In addition there are many different styles and types of equipment form a variety of different manufacturers.  A senior Purewater technician will spend the time and walk you through all of your pool equipment and its function to ensure you have a complete understanding of how to use it, and how it all works together. You’ll get hands-on training with your equipment rather than trying to follow a manual or YouTube video, or trying to apply a general lesson to your specific gear.

Learn Pool Maintenance

Even if you have enough diplomas to line the entire pool, pool maintenance may not come naturally to you. Complete maintenance including chemical balancing and proper water treatment techniques is part of the pool training 101 course and will be invaluable information for any pool owner. Keeping the chemicals at a safe level ensures the well-being of all those who enter the pool, including your children and their friends.

Learn the Control Systems

Perhaps you only just figured out how to work your PVR and are not a big fan of excessive buttons. Pool control systems can be complicated, especially if you have automation features, but learning what buttons to push and when can transform your experience as a pool owner, whether it’s setting the pump on a timer or learning to work the lights to set the right mood. The expert technicians at Purewater will guide you through all of the control systems your pool has so you can awe and impress the wife or husband with your wizardry.

Learn from the Experts

One of the best things about the pool training 101 course is that you get to ask an expert all of the questions you may have about your pool. You may not get the answer you were hoping for if you simply do a quick internet search when you encounter a problem with your pool, because that info is either inaccurate or not tailored to your exact setup. It’s best to ask the pros and receive an expert answer you can trust.

Purewater offers this course to any pool owner who wants to become more informed about their pool! Contact Purewater to schedule your own pool training 101 course with one of our senior technicians.

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