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Seeing Green? How to Rescue Your Pool

During the hottest season of the year, it makes sense to take advantage of a cool dip in your pool. But what if your sparkling aquatic playground looks more like a swamp? Here are some helpful tips aimed at rescuing your pool as quickly as possible when performed in order.


Gather Required Chemicals and Equipment

First and foremost, make sure you have a healthy supply of concentrated chlorine shock, pH adjusters, algaecide, a clean filter system, vacuuming equipment, brushes, and backwash hose handy. There is a night-and-day difference between low concentration “mass merchant” shock and algaecide, and when dealing with an algae bloom you want quick, dependable results, so be sure to “get the good stuff”.  Regular pool maintenance requires all of these items, so if you don’t have them readily available, it would be best to stock up regardless of your current water quality.


Clean up Debris

Using a leaf net, skim the surface, and use a deep leaf skimmer to collect as much large debris as possible from the pool floor.  It’s not going to look pretty after you do this, but don’t panic, as any stirred up debris and/or sediment will settle within a few short hours. Don’t vacuum your pool if you can’t see the bottom or if there is a lot of debris, as it may clog your skimmer, filter, or pipes.


Adjust pH and Alkalinity Levels

Always pay attention to your pool’s pH and alkalinity levels, and adjust as needed to optimal levels. If levels aren’t adequately controlled and optimally maintained at acceptable ranges, your water will never clear and you’ll remain with a green and unclean pool. Chlorine and algaecide work best when these balancing ranges are in-line, and are nowhere near as effective when, for example, pH is too high.  In addition, algae thrive at a high pH, so ensuring you have correct water balance will help in the killing process.  Bring a sample of your pool water to Purewater, and we’ll perform a FREE test and recommend changes to get your water back on track.  


Shock Treatment

By super-chlorinating your water to kill off any bacteria and algae, your pool will be shocked and can quickly filter out dead bacteria and algae. Don’t be afraid that you might over-shock your pool, especially if it is green.  We suggest using two to three times the recommended dosage of high concentration granular chlorine shock (at least 75% available chlorine) and repeating the process every 12 hours until the water starts to change color. Use your concentrated algaecide at the same time, and be sure to get in there with your brush and scrub all the interior surfaces.  Once your water is cloudy white, pale green, or clear, then you’ve successfully killed off the algae.


Run Filter 24/7 and Backwash

Once your water is cloudy blue, it may more easily clog your filter. Combat this by backwashing your filter as the pressure builds. At the same time, keep your pump running on a 24/7 basis until all traces of green are gone.  The more your water circulates the harder it is for algae to grow.

To reduce the risk of another algae takeover, regular maintenance including regular shock and algaecide treatments as a preventive measure, regular vacuuming, and precise water balancing, is essential.

Follow these steps carefully, and your green pool will be crystal clear in relatively little time. If you’d rather relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather without having to babysit your pH and water clarity, then give us a call at Purewater Total Home Leisure! We’d be happy to help maintain your pool’s water quality, enabling you to take a dip and enjoy your personal oasis without hassle.

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