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Spring is Here…Is Your Spa Ready?

With warmer spring air finally here, it’s the best time to service your spa. While most spa owners are year-round bathers, many will wait for the warmth of spring to fire it up and really begin enjoying their hot tub. Whether your season is just starting up or not, after a long winter now is the ideal time to give the hot tub a once-over.  Follow this to-do list so you can start indulging in some serious relaxation.

Before you begin preparing your hot tub, remember to incorporate these tips in addition to the instructions provided by the spa manufacturer. Check out our support and documentation section for info owners’ manuals and other important tips and info for spa owners.

Inspect the Cover

Before you remove the cover, the first step should be taking a few moments to inspect it carefully for any signs of wear or damage from the winter weather. A cut or breach in the cover allows moisture to penetrate the foam layer inside, making the cover heavy and removing its’ insulating ability.

After the messy winter, the cover should also be thoroughly cleaned.  Purewater has a variety of spa-safe cleaning and protecting products, as you want to be careful not to get a chemical or solution incompatible with spa water in contact with your tub.  There are several excellent enzyme-based products for those who really want to “go-green”.  Since the presence of stagnant moisture can cause mildew to form, this is a good time to also apply a vinyl protectant coating over the surface of the cover, and also use a UV protectant to help the cover resist the damaging rays of the sun.  A good UV protectant not only extends the life of the cover but also prevents that faded, prematurely worn out look that can make your beautiful spa quite unappealing. .

Flush the Lines and Inspect Equipment

To ensure that you have nothing but crystal clear water to soak in, you should flush out the plumbing lines at least once a year.  If your hot tub is starting from empty, keep this in mind for the next water change.  If your hot tub is full, before you drain it flush the lines with a purge solution from Purewater.  Run the pumps through a few cycles as per the directions on the bottle.  Repeating this process each year will help clear out the lines of wastes and biofilm you cannot see.

Scrub the Tub

Next up, it’s time to scrub that tub!  Again, using a spa safe cleaning agent and a non abrasive scrubbing brush is best. Try not to use excessive pressure when scrubbing.  Be sure to remove pillows and get at the backs and sides of the pillow recesses as these hidden areas are often gunk collectors.

Inspect the Equipment

Check that your equipment is still functioning properly. This can be done by running all of the pumps through a few cycles, and checking that everything is operating and there are no leaks in the equipment areas.  Listen for any loud or unusual motor noises as this can be a sign of trouble to come.  You should also inspect the controls and jets for any signs of wear or damage.

Clean Filters

Filters need to cleaned or replaced to maintain clean water; give them a once over.  If you use disposable cartridges, change them up when you do a fresh fill.  If you use cleanable cartridges, give them a soak and rinse using filter cleaning products available from Purewater.  After multiple cleanings filters will need to be replaced; if yours are more than 2 years old it may be time for a fresh set.

Dust the Deck

Much of the debris that gets into your hot tub gets tracked in when you hike out from the patio door to the tub.  Keep the walkway nice and clean and you can eliminate a lot of the cleaning and upkeep required to deal with the frime that gets tracked in.

Balance Water

Before you can safely soak in your spa, you must first make sure that the water is safe. Adjust pH, alkalinity, and hardness. Bring in a sample of your spa water for a FREE water test from the Purewater staff. We’ll test your water and give you a customized prescription to get you to the right chemical and mineral balance.

Take advantage of the spring by getting your spa ready to use now so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy each and every evening in that hot tub bliss!

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