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Stuck for Christmas Presents? Think Foosball Tables

Stressing about what to get the family for Christmas? We know how tiring and frustrating it can be to begin the gruesome process of heading to the mall, struggling to park, and fighting through crowds of people, only to come home empty handed, or with only a fraction of your list filled in. Instead of enduring the shopping-mall blues, why not get a gift that the whole family will enjoy? We’re talking about a foosball table! No matter what age you are, foosball tables are a great way to bring the family together, have some fun, and of course, foosball makes a great addition to the games room.

If you’re stuck on what to get this year for the family, here’s why a foosball table should be at the top of that list.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun

There’s no high definition amplified sound effects involved here! It’s just good old-fashioned fun, and that’s why everyone loves it! Foosball brings that touch of nostalgia for the parents, while bringing fun and excitement for the kids. It’s a win-win!

Unplug and Unwind

It’s hard enough to pull the kids away from their PS4s and Wiis, and don’t act like you’re innocent, while you idly scroll through Facebook for hours on end. It’s hard to carve out family-together time away from all of those screens. With a games room addition like foosball, you provide the perfect way to unplug, unwind, and enjoy tech-free fun for a few minutes out of the day.

Show Your Competitive Side

You leave all the other Christmas gifts unwrapped upstairs, and before you know it you and the kids have spent an entire afternoon playing (eggnog in one hand and foosball rod in the other, of course). Foosball is one of those games that allow you to spend fun, quality time together. You may not get to play in the World Cup, but you can be the Ronaldo of your recroom! If only there was a way to slide tackle…

Have Fun and Keep the House from Harm

When those extra cold winter days roll in and your kids are left bored inside and antsy, they can head into the games room and spend some time and energy whipping through the foosball table, keeping your home safe from real flying soccer balls, and keeping them safe from frostbite.

Don’t waste your time and energy battling the crowds of holiday shoppers at the mall. Just head to Purewater where the crowds are not, the shopping is relaxed, and there’s always a free cup of good hot coffee waiting while you shop!  Check out our selection of foosball tables or check availability online right now.

From the whole Purewater team, we wish you and your family a warm and happy holiday season!

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