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Summer Relaxation Starts with Pool Maintenance Services

Believe it or not, owning a pool doesn’t lock you into long, sweaty days of cleaning the pool when you’d rather be swimming in it. What if you could dive in and cool off while having someone else take care of the upkeep for you? That’s where Purewater comes in! Forget about testing water, dipping leaves, and changing filters – enjoy your summer more when you hire pool maintenance professionals to deal with the un-fun parts this pool season! If you’re not yet convinced, here are a few more reasons why so many pool owners in Ottawa leave the hard work to Purewater:

Opening your Pool is Time-Consuming

Ask any pool owner and they’ll tell you just how much work goes into the maintenance of a pool. And when it’s time to open it after the long winter, there are a lot of cold and messy steps to take before even considering dipping your foot in. Between deadlines at work and running around with the kids, who really has the time or energy to spend a weekend or more on this nasty but necessary project?  With a professional pool service company, you’ll never have to see a checklist again. Instead, you get to step outside to a pool that’s ready for you to enjoy when you are ready to enjoy it; effortless.  You get the fun, Purewater deals with the “Ick”.

It Can be a Complicated Process

Aside from pool maintenance being time-consuming, it can also be complicated. Pool maintenance is a series of menial yet essential tasks that work together to create a safe and clean swimming environment. From regularly shocking your pool to vacuuming algae, staying on top of your filter pressure, emptying your leaf baskets, and checking the mechanical systems, there’s a lot to remember. When you place your pool in the expert hands of a pool maintenance professional, you can let thoughts of chlorine and bromine drift away while you focus on relaxing.

Constant Maintenance is Required

Like so many other things, pool care is often all about the “ounce of prevention”. Pools require constant, ongoing maintenance in order to keep them clean and running efficiently, which can throw a huge wrench into your plans for vacation time with the family. When you’re wakeboarding at the cottage or taking the family on a road trip to Wonderland, the last thing you want to worry about is the state of your pool when you get back home. With Purewater pool maintenance services, you can enjoy your vacation worry-free since we’ll take care of the pool even while you’re away so it’s ready and waiting when you arrive.

Maintenance Service is Customizable

Some folks like to do a little and some folks like to do a lot.  Some folks want just be able to get away for a couple of weeks and leave their pool to us.  Purewater is here to help how and whenever you need us.  You can book a simple opening and do the rest yourself, or you can hire us to do EVERYTHING from opening through closing and all the care in between.  Some clients just need us to look after the pool for a couple of weeks while they are away, to keep that “helpful” neighbor or brother in law from running amok.  Whatever you need, Purewater has a service solution to fit your preferences and your budget

Avoid the Hassle

You didn’t buy a pool because you wanted a new hobby.  Maintenance should never be a deterrent to being able to enjoy the luxury of swimming in your own pool. By handing off the hassle of pool maintenance and clean up, you can eliminate that deterrent so you can finally enjoy what you’ve always wanted!

Eliminate the hassle from your pool by hiring the Purewater pool maintenance experts. You can enjoy the summer in the pool knowing that the only time you need to lift your hand is when you’re perfecting that wave to your partner to bring you another cold one!

Visit our opening, closing, and maintenance service page to learn more about our packages and get pricing!

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