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Table Tennis Tips and Tricks

So you’ve purchased a beautiful new table tennis set from Purewater and now you are looking to invite your friends and family over to play a few games. You not only want to have fun while doing so, but you also want to beat any and all challengers. Well, you are in luck. If you follow these table tennis tips and tricks, you are sure to beat any beginner with ease, and even challenge a few veterans!

Have Patience

The key to table tennis is choosing the right ball to attack, and not just trying to smash every ball that comes your way. Balls that are hit short and low to the net often have a heavy spin, making them hard targets for an offensive shot. The ball will often lose some spin after multiple soft shots, so it’s important to be patient. If you wait for your opponent to hit a shot back that is a bit high or long, you will receive a great shot to smash back for a point. It’s often better to let the other play lose the point than to try and win it yourself.

Use Short Swings

Big swings may be important in sports like tennis or baseball, but the same is not true for table tennis. A longer swing provides you with a higher margin of error and a slower reaction time, while reducing your accuracy. You are better off taking compact swings on both your forehand and backhand with a limited follow through. You should only have a long follow through when trying for offensive shots with a lot of topspin.

Purchase a high-quality paddle

There is quite a large difference between your typical cheap rubber table tennis paddle and a high quality paddle made with performance rubber. You will notice a fair bit more power and spin when using a good quality table tennis paddle. If your opponent has high grade equipment and you are using the cheap stuff, you will have a hard time beating them even if you know what you are doing. The opposite is true, as you will find yourself dominating matches and overpowering your opponent with power and spin if you are using a better paddle.

If you are looking for a high-quality paddle to give you that competitive advantage, or if you are interesting in purchasing a table tennis set for your games room, contact the games room experts at Purewater today – your serve!

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