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The Benefits of Hiring a Pool Professional

Between work, home responsibilities, and errands, when you finally have time to spend out in the backyard, you want to be able to enjoy your pool, not just take care of it. So put away the skimmer and pick up the floaties, because a pool professional will take care of all the maintenance concerns. Here are some of the many benefits of hiring a pool professional to take care of your pool this summer:


If you just grab a pool chemical kit off the shelf at your nearest big box store, you’re doing it wrong. These products are often loaded with filler ingredients to reduce costs, but these cheap ingredients will ruin your pool if you’re not careful. Plus, you have to worry about storing chemicals during the off-season and replacing expired products. If you aren’t careful, improperly stored or expired chemicals will ruin your pool.

Our Purewater pool professionals use only the highest grade of chemicals. These are pure products that actually do their job at keep your water clear and clean, and they’re not chock full of useless or harmful fillers. We always store our chemicals properly and never use expired products in your pool, so they always work right. This is so important for keeping your pool safe and sanitary, and also extending the life of your equipment, pool walls, and filtration systems.


When you head out into the backyard, you just want to dive into the pool, not inspect every nook and cranny of the pool. Boring, right? But if you don’t keep an eye out, a little issue that could have been quickly and cheaply fixed will spiral into a huge issue that costs hundreds. Everything from unsightly discoloured walls to dangerous loose ladders to pump failure will happen if you don’t perform regular inspections and take a proactive approach.

Our pool professionals don’t just clean pools, they also perform inspections with an experienced eye. They know what to look for throughout the entire pool structure, systems, and components to spot defective parts or warning signs and fix them before they turn into big problems. Lean on their expertise, and you’ll save a lot of money in the long run on repairs.


Swimming pools should be tested multiple times per week to check the water balance and maintain the pool chemistry. You need to track pH levels, calcium, alkalinity, and more. You need to shock the pool on a regular basis as well. This routine maintenance is in addition to skimming and vacuuming the pool. Plus, opening the pool for spring and closing it down in the winter takes a lot of work.

Our friendly and skilled Purewater pool professionals are happy to take on all of these maintenance tasks and execute them perfectly. We do it all – cleaning, brushing, testing, balancing, backwashing. We have comprehensive opening and closing packages to make sure your pool is well taken care of all year long.

Give yourself a break this summer and hire a pool professional from Purewater to take over all the maintenance duties. You just worry about perfecting your cannonball.

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