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Transform Your Life with a Swim Spa

Swimming pools and hot tubs exude a sense of luxury and comfort. Now imagine the two combined. Introducing swim spas – the next awesome trend in home leisure. With integrated propulsion current, a swim spa allows you to enjoy the bubbly comfort of a hot tub with the ability of exercise and movement of a swimming pool – the best of both worlds.

How Does It Work?

If you’re looking for a product that blends the functionality of hot tubs with a refreshment and fitness benefits of a swimming pool, this product is perfect for you. A swim spa creates resistance in the water with the use of jet propulsion, a propeller, or a paddlewheel. Spanning the width of a normal hot tub, but with extra depth and length, th swim spa’s propulsion technology allows you to swim like you would in a regular size pool, except you’re actually stationary.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your swimming technique, and get a great cardio workout with resistance capabilities, your swim spa can offer you exactly that. So forget about trekking to the gym to use a crowded, smelly pool or scanning the news to see if the public beach is actually open. You can exercise your body while soothing your muscles in the comfort of your own backyard.


Aside from the great, low-impact workout you can get with this combination, for those nights when you don’t feel up for a swim and simply want to kick back and relax in the soothing hot water – you can simply turn off the current.  For whatever mood you’re in, the swim spa can adjust to meet your needs. Purewater swim spas are the most versatile home leisure product out there!


Whether it’s a long day at work, fatigue from staring at a computer screen, or a flare up of arthritis – whatever the reason, we all have days where our bodies could use some extra TLC. There’s simply no better way than by soaking them in a hot tub while the warm water and jets massage your joints and body. You can kick back with a book or invite over some friends to share in the comfort.

With swim spas now available for under $300 a month, anyone can afford this  comfort and luxury in their very own home. For those days when you just need to de-stress and unwind, or workout the stress of the day with a good swim, you can forget about having to share the water with the masses. With this new addition, you’ll have everything you need conveniently located in your own backyard. If you’re interested in a swim spa, the sales staff at Purewater can help, starting with a test-soak in their floor model demonstration unit! Come visit us in-store and we’ll find the perfect swim spa for your needs and budget.

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