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Using Your Hot Tub: FAQs

Whether you received a new Purewater hot tub as a gift for Christmas or are a long-time proud owner of this relaxation station, you may have a few questions about using your spa. We often have a lot of hot tub owners come into the store or give us a call, and here are the most frequent questions we hear:

How long should I soak in my hot tub?

It all depends on the temperature you keep it at and your own health / comfort level.  As a rule very hot water (104F / 40C) should be enjoyed for no more than fifteen minutes. If you drop the temperature to 100F, you can probably stay in for up to thirty minutes. Those with high blood pressure, if you are pregnant, or if you are drinking alcohol while in the tub should consider shorter sessions and ALWAYS consult with your medical professional.  If you start to feel overheated, dizzy, or otherwise off, carefully get out of the hot tub and cool off. If you want to stay in longer, a quick five or ten-minute cool-down break will make it more comfortable to hop back in!

When should I use my hot tub?

Most hot tub owners prefer to soak in the evenings, as a way to unwind and relax after a long day. Others prefer to soak in the morning to get a refreshing start to the day. The good news is, you can use your hot tub any time, day or night. Set your schedule!

What temperature should I set my hot tub at?

The usual temperature range we see is 100° to 104°F (37.7° to 40°C), with 102° being the most common. You can adjust the temperature up or down, but this range is nice and toasty for most users. Remember, the feeling of the hydro jets intensifies the effect of the temperature.

Should I shower before/after using my hot tub?

The cleaner you are the less chemical you need to treat the tub, and the longer you can go between water changes. It is definitely recommended that you rinse off sweat, dirt, cosmetics, and body lotions. These substances will alter the chemistry of the water, so be smart. If you experience dry skin it is a good idea to shower after using the hot tub as well.

Can I drink while using my hot tub?

You must use extreme caution if consuming alcohol while using your hot tub. The effect of alcohol is increased when you have a higher body temperature, which of course is the case in the spa. For your safety, do not use your hot tub when there is an elevated level of alcohol in your system.

Can my kids use the hot tub?

Your hot tub is fun for the whole family, but make sure your kids are always supervised when in or around the hot tub. Children are more sensitive to high temperatures so family hot tub time often means running your tub a little cooler.  Children are also more sensitive to bacteria, so they and adults should keep their heads above water to prevent the risk of eye or ear infections. Once you are done with the spa, secure the safety cover to ensure no accidents happen.

If you have questions that we didn’t cover here, don’t worry! Just give us a call or pop into the Purewater store and we’d be happy to answer.

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