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Water Chemistry

Are you confused yet? The care and maintenance of swimming pools and hot tubs is the subject of hundreds of thousands of opinions, and thanks to the Internet, every theory, theme, opinion and point of view is given seemingly equal weight.

At Purewater we have a simple goal, to make your pool or spa care a SIMPLE PLEASURE.  Let us take the mystery out of water management!  Let us help you to simplify the process, with proven scientific methods.  There are multiple options when it comes to pool and spa maintenance, let us find the right one for YOU!  With the backing of expert staff, Purewater is and has always been dedicated to providing reliable information, advice and guidance on how to care for your swimming pool or hot tub. Questions about salt water ?  Get in touch with us!

We have the region’s most sophisticated and accurate pool & spa water testing lab in our store, and offer FREE expert analysis using our new computer system.  We are pleased to provide you personalized, professional advice. Why personalized? There are literally hundreds of different combinations of chemicals, minerals, and mechanical sterilizers / oxidizers available to you. We can help sort through the perplexing maze of options and find exactly the right system, the right combination, to make your pool care a simple pleasure.

Try us out!  Bring in a fresh sample of your pool or spa water in a one liter CLEAN bottle, and let us help you turn pool care into a SIMPLE PLEASURE!

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