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Why Buy an Olhausen Pool Table?

If you’re looking to spruce up your den or add a focal point to your basement games room, an Olhausen Pool Table should be your first choice – after all, what’s better than a company that’s been dedicated to one craft for over 40 years? Search online for pool table reviews and top picks, and Olhausen is always among the cream of the crop.

Olhausen Billiard Tables

Olhausen Billiard Manufacturing is family owned and operated since the 1970s. Having over 40 years of experience refining their craft, the family stands behind each and every product they create. Brothers Butch and Donny Olhausen learned the craft from their father and over the past four decades have grown their business from a small partnership into a leading worldwide manufacturer operating out of a 250,000 square foot facility in Portland, Oregon.

Why is Olhausen the Best in Billiards?

Aside from the fact that each table comes with a lifetime guarantee, this brand has become the leader in manufacturing the “Best in Billiards” worldwide. For professional athletes, only the best will do, and for that reason, the Olhausen Pool Tables were selected as the Official Table for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Simply put – the best for the best. Watch the pros play, and you can bet they’re playing on an Olhausen surface. Even a casual billiards player like Stanley Cup-winning defenseman (and Ottawa native!) Aaron Ward is proud to house an Olhausen Seville Pool Table in his games room.

Quality Matters

Each table is made in the USA, most models use high-quality American hardwoods, using the finest, solid cuts of lumber. Other manufacturers use cheap filler for the cushions, but Olhausen’s proprietary Accu-Fast cushion surface consists of 100% pure gum rubber to ensure nothing but the best and set the standard for consistent, accurate play.

Build Your Own Table

If you are looking for something that’s more personalized, Purewater has got you covered. With their BYOT feature, you can literally Build Your Own Table for a fully customized product. This allows you to select the type of category – from Signature Series, to Tournament Series, to Harley-Davidson Series – you can also choose the finish, type of rail you prefer with a customized logo, the pocket style, cloth colour, even the species of wood. Everything is made for you.

Many professional billiard players believe that the quality of slate for the playing surface is one of the most important features for a superior grade table – and clearly the Olhausens agree. They use Original Italian Slate, which is produced using only the finest processes to ensure that it is diamond-cut, cured, shipped and properly installed for a perfect, level surface. These superior standards are what make this brand world-renowned.

Having your name behind your product makes a world of difference when it comes to producing quality and consistency. With the highest manufacturing standards, completely customizable products, and lifetime guarantee, it’s an obvious choice that buying an Olhausen Pool Table is the best choice.

Olhausen and Purewater

Purewater is the exclusive supplier of Olhausen billiard tables to the Ottawa area. As a factory direct dealer, we can usually get you a quality Olhausen billiard table for the same price – or less – than inferior brands that have shifted their manufacturing overseas. Check out our showroom floor and see which model/style captures your interest, or use their amazing online tool to custom-build your own table.

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