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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pool Maintenance Professional

Power cycle the pump. Swing your filter valve into the on position, then rinse, then backwash your pool. Test the water for pH, hardness, and alkalinity…are we bored yet? You want to spend your summer soaking up the rays and splashing around in your pool with friends and family, not worrying about stabilizer levels and the efficiency of your filtration system. Consider these factors when you decide on hiring a pool maintenance professional; the extra help might be right up your alley:

Dive Into Summer

Preparing your pool for a summer opening is not a quick, clean, or easy task. Everything from reinstalling the diving board, opening the lines, priming the pump and shocking the water takes time. You could slog through the checklist required to get your pool prepped for the season, or you can make a quick call and hire a professional. Purewater will handle the endeavour with care and attentiveness. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to dive into the summer pool season.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert

If you own a home pool, there’s certainly no harm in learning everything you can about maintaining it. If you’ve moved into a new home with a pool or had a pool recently installed, or simply want a refresher, you can book an education session with one of our senior technicians. As long as you know the safety basics, you might want to turn the details over to the professionals. Wouldn’t you rather spend time perfecting your backstroke, not your backwash?

Vacation Situation

If you are planning to go away on a summer vacation, there are enough things to worry about and plenty of details to organize. The last thing you need on your plate is worrying about pool maintenance when you’re out of town, and believe us, in a week unattended in July a lot can go wrong with your pool! Whether you plan to take a few weeks away with the family or spend some long weekends at the cottage, you can hire a pool maintenance professional for JUST the time you need help, be it one visit or several. They’ll keep everything clean and safe, and you can cannonball into your pool the minute you get back.

Save Yourself the Hassle

Above all, maintaining a pool takes a lot of repetitive work. If you want to your pool to be in tip-top shape, it takes daily cleaning and care. Skimming leaves, vacuuming debris, routine cleaning of the waterline, filter, and pump baskets can really eat into your R & R time.  Then there is the testing of water, administering chemicals, not to mention the maintenance of mechanical systems and heaters required. Phew.  You could spend hot summer days working on all of these details, each one as important as the last, or, you could simply enjoy our too-short summer, wading in cool blue water, creating unforgettable memories with your kids and friends.

If you want to spend a fun summer hanging out around the pool, and not being a slave to your pool, make it easier on yourself by hiring Purewater to create a custom maintenance service package that fits your needs perfectly.  You, your family, and fun.  It’s what we do!

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