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Why You Shouldn’t Close Your Pool Early

So Labour Day has come and gone and you are wondering what you should do with your outdoor pool. On the one hand, the summer was fun and you don’t want it to end, but on the other hand you want to give yourself enough time to close your pool and get ready for the winter. What if we told you keeping your pool open longer has many benefits? Read on to learn about why you should consider leaving your pool open longer than usual:

It can help your water quality

Did you know that pools that are closed early are more likely to open the next summer looking green? It’s better to keep the water in your pool circulating as long as you can then to have it sitting for months upon months during the shifting temperatures of the season. It is less expensive to run your pool for a few more weeks than it is to clean up a mess come spring. Come into the Purewater store and we’ll be able to test your water quality and give you tips to avoid a messy spring cleanup.

Unpredictable Canadian Summers

Our summers here in Canada can be hard to predict. Sometimes you won’t find yourself in your pool until the middle of July and other years you will be faced with 30 degree weather in May. Basically, depending on the summer we get here, you could only get 2 months of good pool weather during a 12 month year! Not to mention the phenomenon known as Indian summer where the hot weather last until mid-November. Keeping your pool open will reward with you a number of good swimming days and help keep the summer from feeling too short.

Raise your kids’ spirits!

Just because your kids are back into the swing of things at school doesn’t mean that the summer fun has to end. Help keep that “back to school” glum feeling to a minimum by letting them come home and jump in the pool while the weather is still warm and the sun is still out. Even coming home and looking into the backyard to blue sparkly water can uplift them. Coming home and looking at a messy tarp can be a bit depressing while the sun is still out.

If you have any questions or concerns about keeping your pool open longer, or would like to save yourself some stress by pre-ordering pool closing services, contact Purewater today!

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