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Your Hot Tub is Your Oasis, So Take Care of It!

Your hot tub is the perfect place to unwind and spend some quality time with family and friends. And since it’s your own personal oasis, you’ll want it to keep operating at its best for years to come. And to do that you’ll need to conduct some regular cleaning and maintenance tasks that will keep the water clean and safe. Here we provide some quick tips to take proper care of your hot tub.

Clean Inside the Lines

To properly clean the spa, before you drain, treat it with Whirlpool Rinse, Spa Purge, or Serum. These products strip any residual gunk out of the plumbing lines, cleaning where you cannot see. Simply add to the water and cycle the pumps a few times before you drain the spa, then rinse the spa with fresh water for a few minutes.

Clean Inside the Spa

Once drained, vacuum up any debris or dirt that has been left behind using a shop vac. To clean the shell, purchase a spa specific cleaner, do not use regular soap or other household chemicals. Spa cleaner will remove the tough built-up scum at the water line and clean the components without leaving a residue that will harm the water balance.  Make sure you remove and clean behind pillows, waterfall features, and any other spots where water can pool. Drain and clean the spa between 2 and 4 times a year, depending on how much you use it.

Don’t Forget the Filter

Once you have cleaned the spa surface take time to clean your spa filter as well. If your spa uses foam or micron filtration, you must replace these filters as they cannot be cleaned. Conventional Reemay filters should be rinsed out every 4 to 8 weeks depending on the spa design and how much use the spa gets. Every second or third cleaning should be a deep cleaning, where you soak the filters in Cartridge Cleaner solution to remove deeply embedded residue. You should replace your Reemay filter every 2 years or so, when the fibers are showing enough wear and tear to limit the filter’s ability to trap particles and dirt.

Clean the Cover and Skirt

Besides cleaning the spa itself, you should also clean and treat the spa cover. Spa Cover Cleaner will remove dirt and common stains such as tree sap and pollen.  Products such as 303 Protectant Spray are designed to protect your clean cover and preserve the synthetic spa skirt, prevent fading, cracking, mold and mildew. Cleaning it regularly will ensure that your cover and cabinet continue to last for years while looking its best; remember, you and your backyard visitors will be seeing the outside of the spa more often than the inside!

Check and Add Water Often

Once your spa is full and back in use, monitor and ensure that the spa has enough water to avoid the skimmer taking in air. Air in the suction lines will damage the pumps. Fill the spa such that the water level is in the middle of the skimmer intake, and be sure to use the spa cover when the hot tub is not in use to help reduce water loss due to evaporation. Remember that when you top up with a couple of inches of water you are changing the water chemistry in the hot tub, so be sure to test!

Regular Testing

In order to maintain safe and healthy water quality, you need to regularly test and make adjustments to the chemical and mineral levels. A quick dip strip test just before you enter the spa is recommended to make sure that sanitizer and pH levels are safe and comfortable. Once every 4 to 6 weeks, bring a sample of your pool water to Purewater for a FREE water test. Our water chemistry pros will give you a personalized, computerized prescription, with recommendations on getting the balance just right for safer, cleaner, clearer water. Chemicals and minerals work in tandem so correct and comfortable water balance depends on having all of the mineral and chemical elements in correct proportions. Balanced spa water doesn’t just make for a more pleasant soak; it also protects the spa and its components from corrosion, wear, and damage.

Follow these simple maintenance tips and you’ll be able to enjoy the sparkling clean water of your spa every time you go for a dip! If you prefer a hands-off approach, call Purewater to book professional spa maintenance!

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