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Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution with Hot Tub Therapy

January 19th, 2017

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy, but sticking to them is a whole other level of commitment that many of us struggle with. But if you’re looking to improve areas of your health, such as minimizing stress, improving circulation, sleep, and relieving joint and muscle ache, then all it takes is committing to stepping into your hot tub on a regular basis. If you can commit to that, you bet […]

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Life is Better with a Hot Tub

December 12th, 2016

Not many of us really need much convincing to believe that life would in fact be better with a hot tub. Aside from the luxury of slipping into warm inviting water with therapy jets to soothe and massage you, there’s actually more that your hot tub can do for you.  Beyond comfort and luxury, here are few ways that a hot tub can really crank up the happy and healthy […]

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Why Autumn is the Best Time to Get a Hot Tub

October 17th, 2016

The internal struggle that has taken you over for many years is finally tearing you apart. You can’t take it anymore: the endless nights kept awake, inwardly debating, never certain if it’s the right time or not. Fear not – now is the time to rest easy. YES, it is finally time to buy a hot tub! Here are three reasons that autumn is the best time of year to […]

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Your Relaxing Guide to Hot Tub Meditation

September 26th, 2016

You come home from a long day at work, you put your feet up, sit back and relax. Except your mind starts to swarm with thoughts about that annoying client, that jerk who cut you off in traffic, or an upcoming presentation that’s got you stressing. If your usual relaxation routines aren’t cutting it, it may be time to upgrade to hot tub meditation. Crank up the heat, get those […]

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Why It’s Too Early to Close Your Pool

September 9th, 2016

With the kids now back in school and everyone back to their regularly scheduled programming, you’ve got to ask: is it closing time? Just because the summer break is done it doesn’t mean you need to pack up the fun as well. If you’re feeling unsure about keeping your pool open for a little while longer, here are few good reasons why you should keep the good times rolling: Embrace […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Hot Tub Yoga

August 29th, 2016

It may sound a bit strange, but your hot tub is a great place to incorporate some yoga into your life. Think of hot yoga, but in a much more soothing environment. You get the benefits of relaxing your muscles with the jets and keeping them warm and limber in order to reduce over-stretching or injury. Floating in warm water, being buoyant, generally means a lot less wear and tear […]

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Using Your Hot Tub: FAQs

January 25th, 2016

Whether you received a new Purewater hot tub as a gift for Christmas or are a long-time proud owner of this relaxation station, you may have a few questions about using your spa. We often have a lot of hot tub owners come into the store or give us a call, and here are the most frequent questions we hear: How long should I soak in my hot tub? It […]

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Turn Your Hot Tub into a Meditation Sanctuary

December 7th, 2015

Pretty much everyone feels stress in their day-to-day lives. Regardless of your lot in life, it’s a sure bet that you have to cope with stress and its negative effects on your mind and body. Hydrotherapy (the use of water to maintain health) is a great way to deal with the stress that comes with everyday life. You can experience a deep state of relaxation by turning your Purewater hot […]

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The Pros and Cons of Hot Tubs vs. Pools

May 2nd, 2015

Are you trying to decide between investing in a pool or hot tub?  We’d love it if you opt for both, but if that seems like a big ask, if it comes down to only one or the other, the following list of pros and cons may help you decide. Fair warning — choosing won’t be easy! Pools Pro: Cool Water, Hot Summer. There’s simply nothing that can compete with […]

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