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Salt Water Hot Tubs

Whether you already own a hot tub or are shopping for one, one of the most important questions asked of the staff at Purewater is “tell me about salt water.”  Here’s a few tips and things to consider: What is salt? Salt water systems consist of a mechanical device that converts salt you add to the hot tub into chlorine. Salt systems are not “chlorine free” or even “low chlorine” […]

Water Chemistry

Are you confused yet? The care and maintenance of swimming pools and hot tubs is the subject of hundreds of thousands of opinions, and thanks to the Internet, every theory, theme, opinion and point of view is given seemingly equal weight. At Purewater we have a simple goal, to make your pool or spa care a SIMPLE PLEASURE.  Let us take the mystery out of water management!  Let us help you […]

Liner Installations

A new liner is a quick and easy way to spruce up a tired looking swimming pool. If your liner shows signs of age and wear, don’t wait for a catastrophic failure that results in lost swimming time and potentially expensive base and wall repair. Call or email Purewater for a free estimate to replace that old, tired liner and revitalize the pool!! Click Here to view 30+ liners from […]

Why You Deserve a Decked Out Games Room

More and more people are carving space out in their homes or even building new additions so that they can take advantage of all the benefits that a really decked out games room brings to the table (no pun intended). This is exactly the kind of space that you are going to want to think about adding to your own home for a bunch of different reasons. Not only is […]

Spa Owners

This page is for you fortunate hot tub owners out there.  Skip right to the bottom if you have an emergency service situation.  Check back frequently for updates and new articles on care, maintenance, and tips.  Important Information for Spa Owners Troubleshooting Troubleshooting your spa (English) Troubleshooting your spa (French) Reprogramming a Platinum Elite Spa Preventing Freeze Damage EMERGENCY: It’s -20 and your spa is not working Owners Manuals Artesian […]


Heard the buzz about salt water? Wondering if you should convert your pool? There’s a few things you need to consider first. Salt Water systems convert salt (sodium chloride) to chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) by passing lightly salted water through a series of electrically charged metal plates.  Salt water systems are therefore a method of CREATING or MANUFACTURING chlorine inside your pool.  A Salt System is not an ALTERNATIVE to chlorine, it IS chlorine. Salt Water systems do not replace […]

It’s Time to Soak In Your Hot Tub When…

Hot tubs are great because you can go for a soak no matter what day of the year it is. The real trick about hot tubs is knowing when a refreshing stint in the hot tub will provide you with the most benefit. Here are a few times when a soothing soak in the hot tub is a great idea: When you are stressed Soaking in your hot tub can […]

The Importance of Hot Tub Maintenance

Did you recently purchase a new hot tub for yourself? If you purchased it from Purewater Total Home Leisure, you received friendly and informative step-by-step instructions on how to properly clean and maintain your hot tub, so you’re good to go. If you purchase it elsewhere and were left on your own, we’re happy to give you some great information on how to properly maintain your hot tub and keep […]

Why You Should Hire Purewater for Your Pool Closing

Many homeowners choose to open their pool on their own to save a bit of money. The process of opening your pool is relatively easy once you’ve done it a few times. The same cannot be said for closing a swimming pool, however. You might save a few bucks initially, but the damage you will do to your pool will cost you a lot down the road. You should consider […]

Why You Shouldn’t Close Your Pool Early

So Labour Day has come and gone and you are wondering what you should do with your outdoor pool. On the one hand, the summer was fun and you don’t want it to end, but on the other hand you want to give yourself enough time to close your pool and get ready for the winter. What if we told you keeping your pool open longer has many benefits? Read […]

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