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Why You Should Invest in a Swim Spa

Swimming pools, hot tubs and softubs aren’t your only option for backyard fitness and leisure. A swim spa is basically a combination of the two, about the same width as a hot tub but about triple the standard length. Swim spas have a propulsion system that creates a current that you can swim against, think “water treadmill.” Though once swim spas were reserved for the rich and famous, an entry-level […]

Choosing the Right Hot Tub

Have you recently started thinking about investing in a brand new hot tub or softub? If so, you’re about to embark on a journey of fun, comfort, and blissful relaxation. With so many different models and features available, from many reputable companies, it’s not ever easy to decide which model to buy or even where to buy. Here are some things to consider to help narrow down your list, from […]

What You Will Learn From a Spa Teach Session

Have you just moved into a new house that has a hot tub? Has your family’s lifetime wish been fulfilled with the purchase of a brand new home spa? It’s all fun and games until you realize you don’t actually know how to take care of the thing. Not to worry – all you need to do is book a spa teach with one of Purewater’s master technicians, and you’ll […]

How to Pick Your Ideal Hot Tub

At Purewater, we sell dozens of different models of hot tubs from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Each style of tub has its own unique features and benefits, so what you end up choosing will depend on your needs, budget, interests, and the features you want. So which model is right for you? Below, we’ve provided a guide to picking your ideal hot tub: What is […]

Stressed At Work? A Hot Tub Can Help

Having trouble at work with co-workers, deadlines, or tough clients? Are you constantly working overtime? Did you know there’s a clinically-proven link between stress and both your mental and physical health?  It is important to find ways to cope before it causes you to break down, or even worse, results in physical illness. When you’re stressed out, your heart works harder, your breathing becomes rapid and shallow, and your digestion […]

5 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Hot Tub

Just like humans, hot tubs have a finite lifespan. You can extend your own lifespan with healthy habits like eating well, exercising regularly, and eliminating stressors. The same rule applies to hot tubs – with proper care and maintenance, your hot tub can last years longer than the hot tub of your lazy and careless neighbour. Not every factor is in your control, but the time and care you invest […]

Why You Should Invest in a Home Spa

After a long hard day at work, coming home to relax and put your feet up is much needed, and well deserved. What better way to unwind and relax than to sink into a warm and comfortable home spa? Clear your head, relax your muscles, and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you’re looking to invest in effective ways for relaxation, here are some compelling reasons to purchase a hot […]

Extending the Life of Spa Components

Have you noticed that your spa pillows have begun deteriorating much more quickly than you thought they would, or that the underside of your spa cover is starting to wrinkle or discolor? Unfortunately, this could be a sign of a chemical maintenance concern in your hot tub, and while this can be definitely frustrating, it is also thankfully an early warning that allows you to take remedial action before something […]

5 Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

A hot tub may be the best thing you could own to help you unwind after a hard day at work. When it comes to truly enjoyable home leisure, few things are more relaxing than quality soak-time in a warm, bubbling spa. Here are five benefits of owning a hot tub at home: De-Stress Can you remember the last time you were laying back in a hot tub? It goes […]

Blustery Day? Here’s Some Great Ways to Play!

The weather outside is out of our control, so it’s not fair for us to let it control our mood! Although we can’t change the fact that a downpour or blizzard will keep us inside, we can take that fact and use it as an advantage. If it feels like you’re a prisoner of your own home, it’s time to work on changing your outlook on the situation! There’s always […]

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