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5 Techniques to Be a Better Table Tennis Player

Looking to up your table tennis skills? Whether you want to improve before your annual guys’ trip to the cottage, or are ready to invest in a ping pong table of your own, there’s always ways to hone your skills. Learn Advanced Serves Serving is not only how you start each round of the game; it’s where you get the opportunity to set the tempo and handle your opponent. If […]

Darts Academy: We’re Talking About Practice?!?

We know, we know. You’re thinking to yourself: “I take the pointy thing and throw it at the wall. What could I possibly need to practice?” Watch this video of reigning world #1 Michael van Gerwen hit not one but two perfect 9 dart finishes in a single match. MVG’s excellence takes unbelievable natural talent and hand-eye coordination, of course, but he also practices 2-3 hours a day improving his […]

Simplify Your Life With Purewater Pool Closing

As difficult as it is to peel yourself away from the idea of relaxing poolside, it’s hard to ignore the arrival of colder weather. Pool closing is not fun for any pool owner, the process can be time-consuming and down-right aggravating. So why not outsource your pool closing instead? You can simplify your life with a Purewater pool closing and let them take care of it all for you. Eliminate […]

Seeing Green? How to Rescue Your Pool

During the hottest season of the year, it makes sense to take advantage of a cool dip in your pool. But what if your sparkling aquatic playground looks more like a swamp? Here are some helpful tips aimed at rescuing your pool as quickly as possible when performed in order.   Gather Required Chemicals and Equipment First and foremost, make sure you have a healthy supply of concentrated chlorine shock, […]

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Hot Tub Soaking

Hot water therapy has been used for centuries to promote health and well-being. With all the therapeutic benefits they offer, it’s no wonder why hot tubs are such a popular backyard feature. There is tons of research that show how hot water therapy can positively affect an individual physically, mentally and spiritually. If you haven’t given much thought to how a hot tub can improve your life, read on, as […]

Darts Academy: Get a Grip – The Mechanics of a Better Dart Grip

There is no one master way to hold a dart; if it gets you that T20 reliably and feels right, then it’s a legitimate dart grip. A duffer might have a technically perfect grip but get skunked match in and match out; darts legend Phil “The Power” Taylor, meanwhile, has won 14 world championships with an unorthodox grip where he holds the dart at the back of the barrel. Advanced […]

Darts Academy: Overcoming a Mental Block

You’ve got the perfect stance, right foot forward. You’ve got a firm but relaxed hold on the barrel in your preferred grip. Your dart is the perfect weight and length, freshly sharpened, with a perfect, crisp flight. Your throw mechanics are on point. You ready, aim, release and – you throw a masonry dart, missing the board entirely to complete the skunk. Face it, you’re in a slump. Don’t put […]

Backyard Renos That Wow

If you find yourself spending the majority of your free time in your backyard, it might be time to create your very own oasis. Whether you’re entertaining guests, soaking up the sun or just getting fresh air, it’s important to invest in the places where you spend the most time. It can be difficult to know how or what to do to enhance your outdoor space and add in those […]

Make a Statement with Your Outdoor Bar

Adding an outdoor bar for entertaining is an excellent way to make an impression with friends and neighbours. It also gives you the perfect place to have a drink or two at the end of a hard day of work or start of a long weekend. Creating a unique and stunning outdoor bar is much easier than you think. Whether you are interested in a DIY design or custom-tailored installation, […]

Your Hot Tub is Your Oasis, So Take Care of It!

Your hot tub is the perfect place to unwind and spend some quality time with family and friends. And since it’s your own personal oasis, you’ll want it to keep operating at its best for years to come. And to do that you’ll need to conduct some regular cleaning and maintenance tasks that will keep the water clean and safe. Here we provide some quick tips to take proper care […]

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